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Nancy Pelosi got re-elected as the House Speaker of the US

Nancy Pelosi was now re-elected for the position of a speaker for the US House of Representatives. She was elected on 3rd January, Sunday, as the new elected Congress took the office in between the political uncertainty, with the undecided Senate control and a Republican fight that was coming in sight after the results of the presidential election.

The House voted with a 216-209 to re-elect Pelosi, after the Democrats who lost the 11 seats in the election that was held in the month of November to command a narrower of 222-212 majority.

Pelosi said in a floor speech that had mentioned about the deaths of even more than 35.000 Americans because of the pandemic and the COVID virus. She said that as we they are sworn in today, they accept the responsibility as daunting and demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have ever faced. They shall begin the new Congress during a the time of extraordinary difficulty and a lot of problems.

She also added saying that now it was the time that was best for their nation to heal and that their most urgent priority will even now be to continue defeating the coronavirus and that they will surely defeat it, infact they all will! , she added that pledging that further aid would follow the latest package of $892 billion that the Congress had passed in the month of December.

The Senate remains Republican because of the twin elections that are happening in Georgia on this Tuesday. This will again be giving a platform to air the baseless claim of President Donald Trump as he claims and says that his loss is because the election was the result of the fraud.  

The Multiple state as well as the federal reviews have found no evidence regarding any kind of fraud that was done. But the Republican senators and the House members plan to challenge the election result when the Congress will certify it on Wednesday during this week.

Nancy Pelosi got re-elected as the House Speaker of the US
Nancy Pelosi got re-elected as the House Speaker of the US

A Republican push that was led by Senator Ted Cruz for an emergency of 10-day audit of election had resulted in the contested battleground that the states drew criticism for. This was led on 3rd January , Sunday from the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham said in a statement that instead of the effective remedy it appears to be more like of a political dodge. He said he will listen to that closely. But now they have a high bar to clear.

The Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said that from the political division to a deadly pandemic to the adversaries around the world, and to the hurdles that comes before them , there are so many and also they are serious.

The Republican of the Kentucky said that there is also plenty of reason to have for the hope, she also said that looking at the ongoing rollout that is happening for the coronavirus vaccine. She would say that the new year 2021 looks bright already.

Syeve Hoyer who is the House Majority Leader, he also said in a statement that he hoped the new Congress would turn the page and bring a new change on partisan division and that they will begin a new chapter of  the cooperation that is among the Democrats and the Republicans.

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