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N Chandra : Covid offers an opportunity for renewal

In the New Year message that was given out this year to 7.5 lakh employees of the company, the chairman of the Tata Group who is  N Chandrasekaran said that the coronavirus pandemic and the change that it has brought not only for our country but for the whole world, this pandemic has rewritten and changed the rules, it is giving out new opportunities for renewal and also it is providing a glimpse of the new economy that will emerge from the old.

Chandrasekaran said that buried in the stress and trauma that were because of Covid-19 are the opportunities  which are there for the renewal. He said that pandemics in the past have inspired progress in various fields. It has inspired and made progress in the field of medicine, urban planning, architecture and other many more countless fields. He further said that the effect led by this pandemic will also result into same.

Chandrasekaran guided and took the control of the $106-billion Tata Group into diagnostic products and also for the digital platforms in between this situation of the pandemic. In diagnostic products, the company named conglomerate has developed technology that helps for the detection of Covid genomic sequence. And if we are talking about digital platforms then it is looking at inorganic growth that is happening.

N Chandra : Covid offers an opportunity for renewal
N Chandra : Covid offers an opportunity for renewal

Chandrasekaran also said that this moment is same like that to walking on a bridge, but he said that this one is a special bridge. It is because that they  are not just simply halting and waiting to see what is on the other side of the bridge. But instead he said that they have a hand in building of their own destinations.

Giving special importance and values to that of which the pandemic has rewritten the rules, he said that this year they have learnt that many things which were once undertaken outside the home in different paces can actually be done equally well from inside the house as well. Things like Shopping, Education, Healthcare, Work etc.

He further added and said that along with the practical adaptations to lockdown, there has also been a shift in the priorities. Greater focus is being given on the safety and resilience, and he said that the transition is made from just in time toward just in case. He said that such changes which are brough up gives a glimpse of the new economy that will emerge out from the old.

Chandrasekaran, who before taking over his duty as the chairman of Tata Group was first the CEO of TCS, he had said on an earlier occasion that his years that he had spent at the software company had helped him shape in such a way that his roots fully embedded in the field of technology, and that this have made him see the pandemic and has also led its impact on businesses with a positive frame of mind. The chairman had also said that he expects that the Indian economy will give a rise and grow at over 11% in Financial year 2022 (FY22) as several indications have been given out after the loss that happened due to Covid-19.

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