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MP Police arrests the comedian Munawar Faruqui and 5 others for remarks on Hindu deities

A police official said on 2nd January said that the stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui along with the four other people got arrested for passing out and giving the non – appropriate remarks against the Hindu deities and also against the Union Home Minister Amit Shah. He did this while he was in a show which was held at the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh.

The Police also said that the comedy show was held in a cafe which was situated in the 56 Dukan area in the city on 1st January, Friday.

The complaint regarding this was filed by a person named Eklavya Singh Gaur who is 36 years old and who is the son of the local MLA of BJP named Malini Laxman Singh Gaur, that was based on the comedian whose name was Munawar Faruqui and also along with the four others who were arrested.

Gaur along with his group of associated went to see the show as an audience, after the incident happened they objected the comments and also created a  had gone to the show as audience, where they objected to the comments and created a fight over it and also forced the event to stop at that moment itself.

Kamlesh Sharma who is the in-charge of the Tukoganj police station said that a case was filed late on the night of 1st January, Friday against the stand- up comedian Munawar Faruqui who did this act, who is a resident of Junagadh district of Gujarat and also the four Indore-based persons who were based on a written complaint that was filed by Eklavya Singh Gaur. He had also submitted a video footage of the comedy show in which Munawar was seen doing and speaking such words.

He also said that all the five accused were also later arrested and taken into charge.

MP Police arrests the comedian Munawar Faruqui and 5 others for remarks on Hindu deities
MP Police arrests the comedian Munawar Faruqui and 5 others for remarks on Hindu deities

Sharma said that as per the complaint, the remarks of the indecent were passed during the show against the Hindu gods and goddesses and also against Amit Shah who is the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The police said the names of the other four people who were arrested, their names are Edwin Anthony, Prakhar Vyas, Priyam Vyas and Nalin Yadav, the police said.

All of them were booked under IPC sections of 295-A which is for the deliberate and the malicious acts that are done to intended the outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting it with the religion or with it’s religious beliefs, and also under the section 269 which is for the unlawful or the negligent act which is likely to spread the infection of any disease that are dangerous to life and other relevant provisions.

Meanwhile, talking to reporters, Gaur also said that after they had purchased the tickets he went with his group to watch the comedy show where Faruqui was performing as the main comedian, there he was seen mocking the hindu deities by passing the incident comments. The Godhra incident and also the Union Home Minister Amit Shah were also mentioned in an inappropriate way during the show.

He said that such objectionable and improper talks were going on during the comedy show. They made a video of them and also stopped the show at that point only and also by taking the audience out of the cafe. They took them to Tukoganj Police Station after they caught their comedians and also the organisers of the show.

At least around 100 spectators were sitting in that small hall of the café while the show was going on.

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