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Mostlysane – All time Youtuber -Is Now A Sensation

Youtuber: We all know about a girl mostly known as “MOSTLYSANE” – a youtuber named Prajakta Koli. We all know about her talent and her love for her fans that has been constant since years. Her acting skills has been super smooth and was not judged by in fact is appreciated by so many people. She earned her fame by making YouTube videos and sketches.

She started getting recognition through her Instagram and YouTube and her hilarious funny videos. She got on with making her first debut with a short film named “Khayali – pulao” earlier in this earlier and now is showcasing her talents on OTT platform – Netflix with the release of her new show “Mismatched” co – starring Rohit Saraf , Ranvijay Singh and others. 

She said that she never faced any bias or prejudice coming from a content makers background and was given equally same respect as other co – actors on the sets of Mismatched. This Youtuber never really had any discussion with anyone that she want to be an actor or how to go about it.

Every inquiry that came in, she says that she always went in for auditions. She stated that she felt warm and comfortable because of the co-actors and directors on set.

The series is based on a book by Sandhya Menon “When Dimple Met Rishi” and is directed in the form of a movie by “Karwaan” helmer Akarsh Khurana and Nipun Dharmadhikari, who is known for co-hosting a YouTube talk show “Casting Couch With Amey & Nipun”. 

While much of her independent work is mostly in observational comedy and requires the actor to perform and act, she knew that with a series like “Mismatched”— having six episodes—the challenges for her were enormous.

The acting thing was a lot different for her than the type of content which she used to do and while doing the show she knew that as Youtuber.

She said she was a lot drawn towards the young-adult romantic series, penned by “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga” writer Gazal Dhaliwal, purely for the “heart” it had to offer.

It was a content that she was missing. She says that she is a hopeless romantic, so she has always liked watching stories of friendship, love and cheesy romance which she thought was missing in the digital space and even in Bollywood.

When the show came in, she said that she, of course, wanted to do this as an artiste but also as an audience, this was something she wanted to watch, she stated.

Her journey from working in a radio station to becoming a top Youtuber of the nation and now finally shining in a Netflix series might look unbelievable but for her, she believes that it’s a path that has brought her to a place she can call home.

She said the way her career has taken off; she feels every day is a “blessing” for her

Every day of these five years have been a bonus, she says. When she started making YouTube videos, she didn’t expect anything. No one saw that the internet will get this hit and boom happening back in those day or the arrival of streaming platforms with such force.

Today, she feels so blessed that she gets to live this life where the possibilities are endless. Where she gets to get up and have the liberty to constantly explore herself and have the liberty to constantly explore herself as an artiste, she said. 

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