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Modi thinks he is only the Prime Minister of the Hindi heartland: MK Stalin

Modi thinks he is only the Prime Minister of the Hindi heartland: MK Stalin. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) chief executive MK Stalin, 68, will run in the Tamil Nadu convention on April 6. During his decades-old election speech, this is his first time running for the party’s premiership, taking over the Dravidian party after the death of his father Karunan. e2018.

Since embarking on his political career in DMK as a youth, Stalin has been the party’s youth wing leader, a six-member member of the legislature, the mayor of Chennai, the deputy prime minister, the minister of rural development and now the leader of the opposition party. As he prepares for his big battle, Stalin talks to HT about his political beliefs and the current state of elections.

What have you learned from your ten years in power?

Whether in power or in opposition, I have learned to work for the good of the community. It is because DMK is a group that always has people in their joys and sorrows. DMK was introduced not only for power but especially for the social upliftment of the marginalized and the oppressed in society. DMK works for the well-being of the people and fights for women’s rights. I have always led the party in such a way that those in charge do what the people want. Therefore, DMK is always a human power and is always supported by the majority.

Whether you believe that the government which is led by Edappadi Palaniswami will complete his term or surprise He was unknown before 2016; how do you feel that you will be fighting him as your main rival?

DMK is a group representing ideas. We have never tried to enter the state through the back door. Even during the AIADMK riots due to the illness and death of former prime minister Jayalalithaa, the DMK repeatedly made it clear that it would not step in through the back door. If you see so much corruption in the Palaniswami empire and the way he allows his ministers to rob the treasury, it should come as no surprise that the Palaniswami government continues to run its term. Even now, he is known only for his advertising campaign, not for his actions. People know him now only because of his poor performance and the failure of all sectors during these four years of mistreatment.

Modi thinks he is only the Prime Minister of the Hindi heartland: MK Stalin
Modi thinks he is only the Prime Minister of the Hindi heartland: MK Stalin

What is your opinion of Narendra Modi? The Bharatiya Janata Party has been investing in infrastructure projects and expanding its booth level capacity to secure a place in Tamil Nadu. What do you think of its prospects?

Prime Minister Modi thinks that he is the only Prime Minister of India. He is not interested in the development of Tamil Nadu and in that matter, any provinces controlled by non-NDA parties (National Democratic Alliance). From the beginning, Modi has only undermined the unity of the coalition and has been in a hurry to seize provincial power. The State List and the same list, which is part of the Constitution, are constantly threatened under the BJP regime in the institution.

According to Tamil Nadu, they used only AIADMK to emphasize the co-operative world of Tamil Nadu. No Tamil Nadu infrastructure projects were implemented during the Mode government. AIIMS in Madurai, announced six years ago, does not start today. The people of Tamil Nadu believe that both AIADMK and BJP are one and the same and therefore, they will reject BJP and its AIADMK allies in the province.

If the situation calls for, in the post-voting state, would you agree to join the BJP? Your father defended DMK compliant with BJP between 1999 and 2003. It was not about politics that could be touched.

DMK is a champion of national values   and a democratic party. How did you expect such a situation after the vote? The DMK will not align itself with the BJP politically and we are in a coalition of nationalism, led by Congress nationally.

Do you think that the alliance of AIADMK and BJP is the main faction against it and do you think that anti-Hindi sentiments are still strong in Tamil Nadu?

I have already said that AIADMK and BJP are one and that they are the same. Both do not respect the feelings of youth in Tamil Nadu. Both deprive young people of Tamil Nadu of job opportunities. They both waste the educational opportunities of the youth of Tamil Nadu. More than a dozen girls and boys have died in suicide as a result of the NEET test but both AIADMK and BJP governments remain silent observers. Rural medical education for rural youth has been snatched by the BJP and, even now, introduces NEET for nursing education as well. Tamil Nadu has always opposed the act of the placement of Hindi, which is negligent and insulting to the mother tongue – common Tamil. That spirit is prevalent in the province and will be reflected in the elections.

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