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MCG to be audited over irregularities in contract works over last two years

MCG to be audited over irregularities in contract works over last two years. A special audit of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has been approved by the Minister of Urban Local Bodies (ULB), Anil Vij, to monitor the organisation’s performance, officials said Sunday.

Officials say Vij was notified of the incident on Thursday, when he arrived without warning at a meeting at MCG’s House, where agendas were approved last year. Vij, who is also the state health minister, was in town on Thursday at the start of the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination.

After discussions with councilors – informing him of a few cases where MCG officials had paid for contract work but failed to confirm the start of work or when the work was in its early stages – Vij announced that a municipal autopsy would be done.

“The ULB minister was present at the brief review. He offered his support for the idea of   reviewing the agenda of the House and later announced that a special audit of the MCG and the Faridabad Municipal Corporation (MCF) by the Auditor-General, ”said Madhu Azad, mayor, MCG.

Special research is one that only looks at selected performance, selected by the public body and does not offer full inclusion. For example, in the special audit conducted by Vij, only the negatives of the contractor will be considered, rather than all that is done for the public.

There were a number of high-profile cases last year when officials from the MCG engineering unit broke the rules and paid money to contractors. According to MCG councilors, they brought the matter up with Vij which prompted him to announce a special study.

MCG to be audited over irregularities in contract works over last two years
MCG to be audited over irregularities in contract works over last two years

“There have been many cases in the MCG last year in which the MCG officials were highlighted, who appeared to be working with the contractor and paid them all the project costs or a significant amount even though the work was still to begin or early. We had a brief discussion with the ULB Minister on this, in which he informed us of the study, ”said the councilor, who was attending a meeting held in the living room for the disabled.

In December last year, the case of the chief engineer of MCG (XEN) was dropped due to alleged irregularities. In November 2020, the MCG had floating tenders to repair road potholes and replenished them in Ward 34, with an estimated amount of 47.50 lakh. IXEN allegedly paid for all the project costs even though the work did not start over.

In September last year, the contractor was paid ₹ 50 lakh, about a quarter of the project cost of ₹ 2 crore, for laying tiled tiles in Ward 25. However, after it emerged that only 10% of the work had been done, an investigation was launched into the matter.

In February 2020, a local politician had warned the MCG that 67 1.67 crore – the cost of building a two-kilometer road in Ward 1 – had been paid to the contractor even before construction began. It led to a vigilant investigation.

In December 2019, the MCG engineering unit paid l 35 lakh to a contractor for the construction of a 1.7-kilometer track between Khushboo Chowk and Bristol Chowk along Gurgaon-Faridabad Road even though the work was only 600 meters, including ₹ 11 lakh. The contractor was then blacklisted by the MCG.

In July last year, Vij also made a similar announcement and a special study order for the MCG and MCF was also issued by the Haryana government. However, officials familiar with the matter said that this special study could not be done because government officials had contracted coronavirus.

Despite repeated efforts, the MCG commissioner could not be reached for comment.

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