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Matters of the Mind: Conscious cognition, read to know more

When we find ourselves saddened by an incident, we turn our eyes to what has been said (or not said) to us, we become so involved in the event, trapped by someone or an argument that we fail to see the real cause of the pain. The fact is that we are not responding to an event, but to our own opinion or perspective. We do not complain about attacks or conflicts, but the meaning we attach to it.

My studies, training, science, experience and practice have taught me to believe in a concept of understanding centered on our thoughts. This school of thought helps us to see the word in our head – our oppressive, endless, corrected, racist, strong, and irrational thinking because of previous learning. Once we have identified our dialogue and replaced it with practical thinking, we feel and behave in healthy ways.

Matters of the Mind: Conscious cognition, read to know more
Matters of the Mind: Conscious cognition, read to know more

As a child, I was a well-organized child who grew up in a boarding school, working and surviving in the middle of my whole life. I can swear I’m happy. It was in the life of an adult when I faced a great tragedy – several feelings were saddened by my being. I saw rejection, rejection, and betrayal and knew there was a reason why I chose these ideas for the current problem and not others. My luggage was exposed, and I was left feeling weak and weak, worried about not having a safe home again.

I fought hard for many months with all my might to remind myself of the basics of psychiatry. I put reminders on my phone, I wrote the post, I wrote what was published on my screen, so that I could “be present now”, think or have a rational, contradictory cognitive errors, and reciprocate the absurdity with a logical and effective philosophy every chance I got. This helped me a lot with working, producing, focusing, driving, and choosing, but I was not cool.

It was my chance to put into practice what I had been teaching for so many years. The rational awareness just wasn’t enough to relax and I started digging deeper.

My childhood, with its emphasis on spiritual and religious teachings, led me to return to the spirit realm, while I actively pursued pride and controversy.

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I read a lot of spiritual books, took up spiritual studies, did yoga, and went back to my hobbies when I was younger. My family and supportive friends are there for me. I had goals, purpose, reason and ways to survive and be healthy. But I was not healing.

With the knowledge described earlier in the Rig Veda and the Upanishads, its practice ceased and the idea was avoided as unscientific and remained so for decades. Measurable equilibrium links such as memory, comprehension, and comprehension of language have taken the forefront with the rise of moral and intellectual morality and cognition became a neglected and untested human potential.

Awareness awareness. This knowledge helps us to stay “present”, as Sir Eckart Tolle said, “that’s all we have.” Present thoughts about the past or future are not in a state of understanding. Being in the modern age – enough to feel the peaceful, spiritual state that does not reach our minds that motivates us to feel – we can communicate with our real life. In this space, it is very large, very small, very connected, and not very close.

My belief that our mind and spirit while separate from work can be integrated as a powerful therapeutic teller, has gained more cement in my practice. I began to rely on cognitive practices, both for myself and for my patients.

The gap that existed between intellectual ability, experimentation, and perhaps seeing itself on the horizon and actually being, feeling, and living by consciousness, awareness, and existence was clear.

I knew there was work to be done. I knew the trip would take me there. Patience, failure and impatience, staying optimistic in the midst of my inner turmoil, and strenuous exercise eventually helped.

You may be ready for a thunderstorm, a deep and enlightening climax here. To tell you the truth, the climax, something needs to end. The power and beauty of the journey of knowing that there is no end and no end.

This process continues, energizing a person to pieces and pieces, cooling and healing and at the same time setting new fires. Linking these two practices, consciousness involves not only the mental transfer of the past, the future, other people and their choices, but actually feeling disconnected as we choose to rejuvenate and restore the present. It’s about seeing what we bring on our shoulders in all situations, seeing the role of “my”, our choices in ideas and decisions not only in our minds, but coming out of that logical space into that person and finally feeling real and liberated.

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