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Master Review: Style, Swag, Story – Vijay’s Film Has Everything

Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi who are the main characters of the Master hit Amazon Prime today. The film is still working on a large screen and is attracting a lot of viewers to theaters. And now we know why! The director of Lokesh Kanagaraj has found an important story to be told and a hero needed around the world. The film is not about chasing a cat and mouse like other bored artists who end up being themselves. It’s a hero vs villain story. The two men shared the same story back that was marred by the brutality of life. While one stops defeating him and becomes an alcoholic, the other gains strength from it and becomes a Bhavani who is feared with an iron fist. Surprisingly, and complimenting director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s reputation, is the way he makes this hero look flawless and evil, perfect.

In the mainstream world, Vijay is the ultimate flawless hero with the same qualities as Superman. It is hard to imagine him expressing himself, a person at ease with tears streaming down his face or trying to awaken his conscience. Because of the presence of his screen, he remains a great man, who believes in destroying baddies rather than changing hearts. To the Master, Vijay looks real, not as an ordinary hero but as a hero needed by society. He ends up hitting the baddies and preaching what is right, but not without facing a difficult time himself. The one who has never felt pain will never be able to make others see their depth. The director made Vijay’s JD go through the shock and pain to make him see the intensity and need for change.

Master Review: Style, Swag, Story – Vijay’s Film Has Everything
Master Review: Style, Swag, Story – Vijay’s Film Has Everything

The great part about Master is that he doesn’t look down on his villain. Vijay’s JD is a hero in the story because he has found a tough villain to deal with. Bhavani is not your rogue who wears expensive suits and does the work with his fingers. He is as stubborn as the men who worked for him. A black lungi, a rotten shirt, a mark of bruises all over the face, and a strange peace of mind – Sethupathi’s Bhavani is a man who has emerged strong from the tragedy. When he meets JD for the first time, the audience is left wide open waiting for the day when Ram and Ravana of the story will finally meet in a major confrontation. Is that argument worth the wait? It seems so.

#IndiacomReview: It’s not the # Master’s heroic deeds but the horrible gaze of evil that makes #ThalapathyVijay look more heroic than ever!

Master’s size is less than the size of Vijay’s previous stars. But who is complaining? Lokesh makes Vijay look more vulnerable than ever. He is more accepting of himself, more aware of his shortcomings, and more comfortable with expressing a weak side. In another scene, when JD bursts into tears to see how he could have saved two innocent lives, the camera is not following any rules. It is simply as close as possible to show firmness and heartache. The Vijay we see in that frame is the Vijay we rarely see on screen – they are all helpless, and confused.

Despite all its wonders, Master lacks in providing a defined character for his leading wife. Malavika Mohanan, who plays Charu’s role, works as a driver after pushing JD to end all use of force in a juvenile prison, yet the story does not do him justice. The only element that is often given to the heroine in the story – romance – or that seems absurd. Malavika’s performance in the area where she was chosen by her hair while the goons chased her for a camera is amazing, but that’s about it. There’s not much about him – there are no scenes to excuse his presence in the story or his JD infatuation.

#IndiacomReview: #Master has a criminal who can give any hero a chance to earn money. Great shout out to #VijaySethupathi for his great act as #Bhavani.

The Master ensures that the audience goes with the thought in mind and does not miss the presence of the Vijay star. It has children who offer the right amount of entertainment at the right time in the story. It has a villain with heroic qualities. In Bollywood movies, anyone with that kind of background story tends to grow up to be a hero, not a bad person. However, for the Master, when he hits JD on the back every time he does something heroic, you absolutely do not hate Bhavani when he kills the strongest. If the best role was played by the only woman in the story, this would be a winner in every respect. Until then, the Master remains an uncooked glory… because if it is Lokesh Kanagaraj can make Vijay look more believable, he can very well explore better characters for the women of his films.

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