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Many wonder how can a kid write a book for other kids: Vivan Ramdeo

One often sees children of his own age visiting amusement parks, but Vivan Ramdeo is best found in a monument of history, trying to find the story behind it. “I was nine years old when I visited the Taj Mahal, which was the first historical monument I remember visiting. After that I went to various memorials at a young age, ”said Ramdeo, a 12-year-old who had just left Belgium for Hyderabad, with his parents, and came up with his first book, Escapades of Vivan – The Treasure of Moth Ki Masjid.

Based on his story of the Moth ki Masjid (meaning Lentil Mosque) in Delhi’s South Extension, this young man emphasizes the fact that for thousands of years Gen and Z need to work together to preserve our historical heritage and protect our memories, by paying attention to them. “Like many teenagers, I used to wonder what it was like to have older memories. But that changed when my father took me to see Birji Khan’s grave in RK Puram. That’s when I remember asking my dad, ‘What’s in this old painted building?’. He then replied ‘There is fun everywhere, that’s how you try to find it’. His response made me think, and it was hard to imagine how the building would have been done by hand without the use of machinery in those days. Then I start to look at old monuments from a different perspective, and enjoy their design, art, and construction … I feel like we like Gen Z love history but only from the beginning of the page to the end, in our course books, and don’t give up on them in places that are important to us. We focus on our phones, computers and other devices, and it’s time to start taking an interest in these reminders. Like Moth ki Masjid he was also in my syllabus, too. But how many in my class have visited the real place, I wonder. In time, all these reminders will end … ”

Ask what her peers reacted to when they knew she was writing a book, and the young world admits, “I was in the IV phase at the time, and I didn’t share with most of my friends that I was writing a book. I thought they would find it absurd, and I thought they wouldn’t support my point of view. But when I finished the book and showed the first draft to a few of my friends, they were surprised at first. After that they also suggested a few places where I could find it to be published, because the biggest obstacle I faced after writing this book was that I could not publish it. I think that’s because many believe that only adults can write, and they wonder how a child can write a book to other children! ”

Many wonder how can a kid write a book for other kids: Vivan Ramdeo
Many wonder how can a kid write a book for other kids: Vivan Ramdeo

Visiting several cities around the world, his curious mind is skilled at asking questions and leaving one speechless. “Do you know about Jean-Dominique Bauby?” asked the interviewer, adding, “She was a French journalist who suffered from a stroke, and she could only blink her left foreskin. But in that case, he wrote a letter! I want to write about such people, their stories that can inspire young people, ”said Ramdeo, as he made his plan to visit Dwarka in Gujarat, with his following story:“ When I told my grandmother the story of Atlantis, she told me about Dwarka. It was there that I came up with the idea for my next book in the Escapades series. It will be in the drowned city of Dwarka, which will connect the curse of Gandhari with the city of Krishna. ”

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