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Manushi Chhillar to team up with United Nations to raise awareness

One of the most beautiful and gorgeous women of India and also the one who has been crowned as the former Miss World. She is also a Bollywood actor and a wonderful perfomer as well. Manushi Chhillar – a name that has made us proud few years back by bagging us the title of Miss World to India. She have been secured in by United Nations Women which is The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. She has been chosen for a global initiative which will be named as  #OrangeTheWorld.

This will be an initiative that will help to raise the awareness on the gender-based violence that is happening around the world.

Manushi not only that but she is the one who also runs her own initiative which is named as the `Project Shakti` that is based on the menstrual hygiene and the project also aims to encourage all the women to raise their voice against the violence through the new initiative that she will be a part of which is #OrangeTheWorld.

Manushi was seen raising her voice against the gender based violence on 2nd January , Saturday when she posted a video about it on Instagram.

The former Miss Women said that women are the ones who are most susceptible to violence in various forms and that women are the one who have to face it almost everywhere and in every form. She also said that women of all age groups are at a constant risk and she says that it is heart-breaking to feel that as a woman herself.

Manushi Chhillar to team up with United Nations to raise awareness
Manushi Chhillar to team up with United Nations to raise awareness

She also added saying that at one point or the another, they all have known someone who has been at the receiving end of violence. But what do they do about it or do they even do something? She says that it is crucial that they stand by survivors, they also believe in them, and then support them to report abuse, and hence make their voices heard.

She is a 23-year-old actor and she has also given a light on the fact that in our country the cases of domestic violence got a shot up during the pandemic of and that induced the lockdown , a time when most people stayed at home.

She said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis of the pandemic for the violence that are made against women have grown even more darker. The cases of Domestic Violence have also increased. But as they work towards coming out from COVID-19 situation, they all also need to actively work towards rebuilding of a world that is safe for the women.

Through the new initiative – `#OrangeTheWorld` , she along with the United Nations Women organisation will be together working for helping and bringing an end to the online harassment that are made against the women among the other forms of harassment.

This 23-year-old actor will also now soon be making her debut in Bollywood through the YRF film which is named as `Prithviraj` , this will also be a movie that will be called for ending the physical, psychological, and also tge sexual violence that are made against the women through her Instagram stories.

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