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Manoj Bajpayee: I am against boycotts or bans

Manoj Bajpayee: I am against boycotts or bans. The actor feels free and controversial should be respected and the ban does nothing good in the industry or society.

With the increasing use of content on streaming platforms, Manoj Bajpayee enjoys not only the success of the web, but also the fact that his old films are available to viewers. He is happy that OTT is affecting his work in a positive way. Bajpayee said that the respect that he have received over the years has grown and the emergence of OTT has increased. Today, people watch my films, which are very flattering. Many of my previous releases get the attention they didn’t get back there when they took it out on theaters. Theaters, too, did not give these films enough shows or slots or honors back then.

With his web hit show, Family Man and the OTT boom, the actress Padma Shri is happy that actors today have so many choices but warns that they should choose wisely. He shared that Don’t rush. There are a lot of good, interesting and out-of-the-box stories that are given to me, but that he will never do anything about it.

As he waits for the second season of his show to go down, ask him about the recent controversy with Tandav, and how the producers ended up deleting the spoken scenes and the original feature, and he says, “I haven’t seen the show and if the producers have done it, it’s up to them. I think people should be a little more patient and forgiving when it comes to creative content.

Manoj Bajpayee: I am against boycotts or bans, read to knowm more
Manoj Bajpayee: I am against boycotts or bans, read to knowm more

If they do not agree with something they can express their opinion, they also encourage them as people who have the idea not to watch it, but not to ask for a ban or a boycott. Prohibition and boycotts do not do any good for any industry or society. I don’t agree with it. There are a lot of posts on social media that I do not agree with but I do not want them to be removed as I believe that debate and healthy speech is a sign of healthy democracy, ”said the two national medal-winning coach.

His last film, Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari (2020) has been released from theaters and will soon appear in the original web film. How important are his office numbers, as OTT does not measure film popularity at that rate? He said that he believes that each film should be rated according to its quality, not how many cents earned in the box. This backbone is a waste of the purpose of making films in India and in the minds of BO leaving many people on the edge.

OTT has brought a big change and he hopes that it continues to build interesting content and does not fall into the trap of opposition or pursue a success formula. What has worked for me is that the directors have shown confidence in my work and my ability to present. That’s how he has survived for so long in the industry without the box office hits enough for my kitty. He said that he also repeats that he was there because of the work he has done, because of the great drama in the industry and the audience and not because of how many crores my films have done. In fact, not one of them, he thinks! he answers honestly.

With back-to-back projects planned for 2021, Bajpayee admits he doesn’t have a single free day until April 2022. Well, he said that he will be happy to have a monthly gap between projects but he doesn’t have that luxury anymore. He said that he has no regrets and that the is glad he is working on good scripts.

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