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Manoj Bajpayee: Acting is difficult; one can’t say I have arrived

With the increasing use of content on streaming platforms, Manoj Bajpayee is pleased to have helped the entertainment industry thrive. The Padma Shri actress is not only watching the second season of her successful web show, The Human Family, but is also happy that OTT is affecting her work in a positive way. He “prays” that OTT does not fall under the ban and that the actors, who have so many choices today, choose wisely. The actor will soon appear in the original web film, Peace and anthology series Ray, among other theater projects, and the 51-year-old man sharing his focus is always satisfied – be it a digital or theatrical film.

How do you view the emergence of streaming platforms in the last few years and especially after 2020?

We have an insatiable desire for news which is why OTT has been growing since its arrival in India. With the closure, people have left one way to have fun and it makes the lives of people who can afford OTT and stay at home. There was so much use that the platforms began to find it difficult to create new shows as viewers had ignored everything that was possible – old and new and demanding more! OTT expanded when other industries were absent and provided great opportunities for hundreds of talents in all departments to be celebrated. That is a great sign of a thriving industry.

The compression question has been sensitive to web content and now there are new guidelines as well. What do you think of these developments?

Personally, I feel that in OTT great researchers are parents as it happens in my home. My daughter looks at what is allowed and right for her. Parents know what is best for their children. In addition, we need to let go of other ideas and ideas, so that the entertainment business can grow with different ideas. If you do not want to view it, do not open it. You have control and you can decide what you will see. I pray that OTT does not come under ban at all.

Shoot to get digital output and original theater. When you shot him, did you hear or find any difference in what happened?

There is absolutely no difference during the process and in the end when the film is released it does not explain the process. Viewing experience of audience changes that can be considered.

Manoj Bajpayee: Acting is difficult; one can’t say I have arrived
Manoj Bajpayee: Acting is difficult; one can’t say I have arrived

Do you find today’s times too difficult for the characters?

There is always something that you can improve on yourself and continue for the rest of your life. Imitation is hard work and no one can say I came, did it all and knew everything. It is an ongoing process. Today, it is not just about your appearance or your style or your body but also how you work and how talented you are. Moreover, with all the work, one knows that in OTT, someone is being celebrated. You have to stay updated and watch how the characters continue to define performance.

With all the shows now, more seasons have been given. How do you play the same character over and over again every season?

It’s never easy to play the same character every season, especially if you don’t play in the gallery and stick to the character, then it’s very difficult and challenging. I know that Shrikant’s character in Family Man will test me as an actor every season. In fact, Season 2 was harder for me than Season 1. You can’t sit back, relax and think, a shoot will be a walking cake. Never. It is pure hard work if you want to build an unforgettable character.

After the success of the Human Family, what kind of web offer followed?

Family Man has been one of the most successful series in our country. I am told, it is the largest commodity from India and it is humbling to be a part of such a great show, very popular with the audience. We never thought he would be so lazy. I have found offers for a series before The Family and after that, too, offers for web shows have gone up but I am not in a position to do anything and everything. I haven’t signed another series yet. I am only committed to this for now.

So, how do you get into the kind of work you want to do especially on the web?

Right now, I’m focused on films and my projects aim to take out theaters but they’re also nervous about taking them out of theaters as they’re still taking time to get back to normal. So, even if I make a web film, the focus is always on content, director and script. It is difficult to reject projects these days because 60-70 percent of the offer is not important and the choice is difficult. One needs time for life and family and work. I feel lucky to be working at this point.

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