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Manage your diabetes like a ‘boss’ as you return to work

Manage your diabetes like a ‘boss’ as you return to work. Does it sound like you’re just used to working from home? Many of us have become accustomed to looking good on video cameras, or by running a brainstorming session to come up with a creative idea. But now various offices all around the country are starting to open. Some will definitely be afraid of this change, and those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes may be more concerned about managing their health at some point in the transition.

Navigating the office’s health problems with its full schedules, daily commute trips and many snacks can prove deceptive, especially alongside the precautionary measures one should take during the epidemic. It’s time to turn to time-tested, proven diabetes management strategies, so that you can be at the top of your life whether you continue to work from home or return to the office.

Manage your diabetes like a ‘boss’ as you return to work
Manage your diabetes like a ‘boss’ as you return to work

Return to basics with practice hacks

For many of us, the locks came with drastic changes in lifestyle, including a light diet, a change in exercise patterns, and more. Now is the time to return to the basics of diet and exercise; plan ahead for your work week. Pack a nutritious lunch for diabetics. Treat fruits or snacks that strengthen the immune system to avoid sugary eating cravings. Stay active rather than shutting yourself off at your desk. Dedicated time of your life, from your screen to stretching once every hour, and schedule time for walking or exercise every day, even if you can only apply 15 minutes. Remember to stay hydrated on a working day.

Managing daily pressures

After spending all of your time away from the office, you may find it enjoyable to regain your balance and maintain a comfortable life-style. However, this also means the return of daily pressures such as travel, busy working days and return meetings. It’s time to dump her and move on. No one is going to judge you for walking around the office as you make your fourth phone call of the day, so keep ‘going talk.’ Try a standing session with a change, and see if you can use the first half of the lunch hour for exercise.

Monitor your progress

Monitoring is important to ensure that your glucose levels did not slip or slip to normal.

Kalyan Sattaru who is the General manager at the Abbott Diabetes Business said that getting back to work in these situations may be scary for most people, but there are some complications for people with diabetes. Advanced diabetes monitoring technology can help, he said to allow people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels and also understand the causes of high and low levels, and take immediate action in consultation with their doctor.

He added saying that according to an IPSOS study ‘Understanding the Benefits of FreeStyle Libre Pro from Users and Its Impact on Managing Diabetes Better’, the Indian doctors said that after three months of using a continuous diabetes monitoring machine, 88% of patients said that they felt diabetic and are also free to perform all tasks.

During the transition from working at home to returning to work, we can get caught up in making a change and forget to make time for our lives. Lifestyle interventions included in your work plan, such as walking while talking on the phone, packing light meals, and monitoring your health with easy-to-use devices can help you better manage your diabetes. Likewise, feeling confident and in control of your life can help you focus on what you are doing best and give you the strength to live your best life.


This document is produced by Abbott by HT Media Ltd. This should not be construed as a substitute for a Doctor’s advice. Please contact your treating physician for more information.

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