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Mahakumbh: U’khand Police to monitor social media, share intel with other states

To ensure the safety and security of the volunteers who will be coming to Haridwar Mahakumbh in the future, state police, in collaboration with other neighboring state police departments, will monitor communications and share intelligence on any anti-national activities during major events, police officials said.

The decision was made during an international cooperation between Uttarakhand police and other government police departments and Central agencies such as the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Railway Protection Force.

The provinces and areas of the Union that attended the meeting included Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

Director-General of Police Ashok Kumar, who chaired the meeting, said, “The purpose of the meeting was to ensure co-operation between the above-mentioned departments and structures to make Mahakumbh a success.”

“During the meeting, a number of decisions were taken from security that included intelligence sharing between various agencies on any anti-national activity during the Mahakumbh period, monitoring international media and strict adherence to the Covid-19 Mahakumbh SOP,” Kumar said.

Mahakumbh: U'khand Police to monitor social media, share intel with other states
Mahakumbh: U’khand Police to monitor social media, share intel with other states

Announcing that state police would use a number of mobilization methods in Mahakumbh, Kumar said, “All neighboring police departments will assist in managing the traffic congestion leading to Haridwar by installing engineers and ambulances.”

The state attorney general also said there would be a complete ban on VIP movements during the Shahi Snaans in Mahakumbh. “If a VIP wants to go to shahi snaan (royal baths) he should go as a casual observer.”

Apart from this, in order to strengthen cooperation, it has also been decided that all the officials from the organs of state and also the Central will be appointed as the officers of the Mahakumbh Coordinating Committees.

He also announced that the state police would also set up a separate Facebook page in Mahakumbh to share relevant information with volunteers. Besides, they can also learn more about the mega event with the state police handle on Twitter.

The development came after reports emerged that the four-month event would be reduced to about a month from April 2-April 30 due to the Covid-19 epidemic. However, according to the Hindu calendar, it ran from Makar Sakranti in January to April 30.

About a week ago, the country’s government released the SOP for the Covid-19 epidemic during the Mahakumbh mela.

Under the SOP, the national government forced all volunteers to carry a 72-hour Rov-PCR test report with 72 hours of operation. It also asked all volunteers to get a medical report from a competent medical officer in the Amaranth Yatra lines before coming to a mega event in Haridwar. Email authorities will ignore the above reports, and no volunteer will be allowed to attend the event without these reports.

Similarly, the national government will also encourage volunteers over the age of 65, pregnant women and children under the age of ten to attend the event. To ensure the health and safety of health workers and senior citizens to be deployed to Mahakumbh, the state will send only vaccinated people.

All complainants received police stations

DGP government Ashok Kumar on Saturday said that in order to ensure that all complainants who come to lodge their grievances are heard by the relevant police stations, the complainants will receive admission after the submission of their grievances.

“In an effort to work towards having a more active police force in the community, all complainants will be welcomed. This will be confirmed by the staff of the Women Help Desk at the relevant police station,” she added.

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