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Madhya Pradesh has the costliest fuel in India

Petrol prices in Madhya Pradesh are the highest in India, according to national figures released by the Petrol Pump Owners Association of MP on Sunday.

The median price of petrol in Parliament on February 26 was Rs 98.96 – the highest in the country. The average price of petrol in some neighboring provinces has never even touched the Rs 90-mark. For example, in Uttar Pradesh petrol was sold at a rate of Rs 89.13 a liter, in Chhattisgarh the price was Rs 89.39, in Gujarat it was Rs88.88, said the president of the organization, Ajay Singh. Petrol was sold for Rs76.54 to Andamans.

In many places in the state of Madhya Pradesh, petrol is sold at a price of more than Rs 100 a liter – and this includes places like that of Annuppur and Shahdol. Madhya Pradesh collects about Rs 27.75 per liter of petrol sold to the government and this includes the expiration of Rs4.50 while the state collects about Rs 18.75 in diesel including Rs3 cess.

The amount of revenue generated by petrol can be understood by the fact that after the rise in Re 1 on fuel – as a means of compensating for losses during the corona crisis – the government aimed to raise about Rs570 a year. Rs200 pounds from petrol and Rs370 crore from diesel.

Retailers also demand lower fuel prices. They also said that they need more money to buy petrol every day while their profit margin remains the same.

In areas bordering the UP, a large number of petrol stations are close to being closed, as trucks and commuters prefer to refuel in Uttar Pradesh rather than Madhya Pradesh, due to higher prices.

Citizens also want independence from government. Petrol was sold in Bhopal for Rs99.21. Petrol prices are expected to reach three points this week in the state capital.

Over the past 20 days, the price of petrol and diesel has risen 14 times. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ajay Singh, has said that world market prices, which determine the price of petrol and diesel in the country, fell on Sunday but with a caveat that will affect petrol and diesel prices in India only after 15 days and, if, prices do not start. to rise again. However, he said with the onset of summer, green prices began to fall and the trend continued until July.

Prabhakar Tripathi who is a civil servant said that Not long ago, a Rs500 petrol refill would be enough for a whole week – for a car used for travel and weekly trips. Now the Rs500 petrol will get you only 5 liters, which is not enough for a family with four wheels and that not only petrol and diesel, rising LPG prices are also a concern for residents.

One of the resident said that the union’s finance minister says it’s a ‘dharmasankat’ and that the petrol minister is asking people to wait for the summer so that prices can go down. Why don’t they intervene. The national government, too, has been silent on the issue. Probably, everyone is waiting for people to get used to the fact that petrol costs Rs100 now.

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