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Lakshadweep – 0 cases while India touches 1Cr

A group of students who were clothed in black and red clothes emerges out from nowhere but to perform a street play at a busy junction. The public had the aged ones and the young people as well, all were gathered around the group. Kids climbed up the walls and the staircases to watch the play that was going on. This play was held in order to raise awareness against the drug abuse that is going on nowadays. The above mentioned and described is not any scene from the pre-Covid era.

But this incident was from an incident on Kavaratti island, this was noted just a few days ago. Life is normal and not like the situation that we have here in our country, where people have to follow the 2 metre distance rule. The whole scenario is different than that from other places of the world in Lakshadweep island as the number of Covid positive cases that were reported from the islands till as late as Friday on 18th December remains zero.

There is not any kind of compulsion or force over there and for the public on the use of masks or social distancing. Occassions like the Weddings and funerals havehuge gatherings on all the 10 inhabited islands that are at Lakshadweep. There is one more major difference back here in Lakshadweep which is different as  compared to the rest of the country. The students of this island goes to school.

Lakshadweep - 0 cases while India touches 1Cr
Lakshadweep – 0 cases while India touches 1Cr

Authorities residing on that islands say that precautions and also proper timely quarantine are the reasons that the Lakshadweep has stayed Covid-free and have reported very less number of cases. Only the islanders and the people of that place are allowed to travel between their islands and Kochi and that too only for emergencies. On the other hand, the Mainlanders are forbidden and are not allowed from travelling to the islands.

An official of Lakshadweep island said that as per the present protocol, the islanders who have gone to the mainland have to compulsorly observe a 10-day of quarantine at Kochi before they are being allowed to board the ship to the islands. Both types of quarantine are available – paid quarantine as well as the institutional quarantine have been arranged by the administration.

On the seventh day of the quarantine, they have to undergo and take a Covid test. They said that If they are negative, they are allowed to go back to their home island. After going there they have to again undergo a further five days of quarantine. If they are tested positive, they have to undergo treatment in Kochi and then go through the quarantine process all once again.

Mohammed Faizal from the archipelago said that they have been testing facilities in at least five islands so that even if someone shows any symptoms for the virus than they can be tested. He also said that he is proud to say that they are the only place in India where schools are open. In that place, the Children are also encouraged to wear masks and also to keep proper sanitation. He said otherwise, it’s a free life over there.

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