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Kunal Kohli calls Lahore Confidential a ‘pro-India film’

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli made his entry into the digital space with Zee5’s original Lahore Confidential film. The spy thriller tells the story of a RAW agent, Ananya (Richa Chadha), who falls in love with an ISI agent, played by Arunoday Singh.

While Lahore Confidential is said to be at the forefront of nationalism, the impact on India-Pakistan relations could be felt, especially at a time when emotions are quickly ‘hurting’. Kunal was hopeful that his film would not contradict this.

He said that the winner is on the Indian side, so he does not think that anyone is upset. We took care of it. It is a pro-India film but at the same time, it is a peace film. It’s not something that fights anyone, fighting a war, which is good. He said that fingers crossed, and that no one stumbled and that they have shown everyone well on the Indian side.

Kunal said his reason for taking over Lahore Confidential was twofold. He also said that first, he wanted to work with Richa, and in the end, he got the chance, because she had already imitated this role. Secondly, he also liked one aspect of the text. Earlier, women were opposed to spy thrillers – they were already used to catch men. While, in this film, a man is used to catch a woman. He loved the change of myth. He said that it was so funny, that in a honeytrap, a man is a honey.

Last year, in May, Kunal lost his aunt to Covid-19. Naturally, he was worried about shooting during the epidemic. “We recorded it in October. Following very strict guidelines, I drove my own car from Lucknow airport and back.

So, throughout the shoot, I pushed myself into the area and came back. Send me the packs of my bed sheets, pillow covers, towels and everything else. I carried my cutting tools and disposable plates. Make sure everyone is at least six meters away from me on the set, if not ten meters, ”he said.

“I was very careful with the set. In a friendly manner, I told everyone that if I saw anyone without a mask, I would tell the producer to reduce his daily allowance. Of course, we would never do that. No one took off the mask and everyone was very rude, so we didn’t have a single case in our set, ”he added.

A few months ago, after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kunal spoke about how failure changes the way people in the film industry view it. When asked if he had been sidelined when his films were not performing well, he said, “Yes, I say that from my own experience and I say that from other people’s experiences.

In fact, at one point, we made a joke between ourselves, the filmmakers and even the actors… I’ve seen this with actors, how many flowers they get on their birthday is an indication of how their last film went. One high-profile actor said, ‘Kuch saal baad toh birthday par bouquet hi aane bandh ho jaate hai (After a few years, you stop getting flowers for your birthday completely)’ ”

Kunal called it ‘industry truth’. “Every treatment and experience you receive is very different whether your film is successful or not. It is the way of the world, you have to accept it and not take the job seriously. You should not get upset if people treat you badly if your film is not popular and you should not take it seriously if they take you out of the red carpet. Both should be taken with a little salt, ”he added.

Kunal Kohli calls Lahore Confidential a 'pro-India film'
Kunal Kohli calls Lahore Confidential a ‘pro-India film’

Kunal advised people from film relationships not to give others ‘power’ over them. “How people treat you depends on you, but how you treat them. So if you get angry and react, they will continue to control the way you are. If you walk with your head held high, it will not make a difference to you and you will not give them the power to treat you that way, ”he said.

Lahore Confidential, playing the role of Richa, Arunoday and Karishma Tanna in the lead role, will be released on Zee5 on Thursday.

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