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Kruti Dharaiya Wins The Geek Goddess 2020 Champion’s Trophy

She came, after that she coded, and than she won – not once but twice!

This is a classic tale of a small-town girl who was toppling the tables for all top technologists around the globe and that was not only once but twice. This is a girl coming from a small town – Surat.  Her name is Kruti Dharaiya. She had graduated from the National Institute of Technology which is in Surat. She completed her graduation in the month of June this month. This girl won and also clinched the champion’s trophy by competing with around  70,097 women technologists at the TechGig Geek Goddess 2020 which was held recently.

Earlier during this year, she had also won the top woman coder trophy – which is known as the Code Diva. She won this at the Guinness World Record holder event which is known as the ‘TechGig Code Gladiators’ for the year 2020 in the month of August!

Kruti Dharaiya Wins The Geek Goddess 2020 Champion's Trophy
Kruti Dharaiya Wins The Geek Goddess 2020 Champion’s Trophy

Kruti works in Bengaluru with the Amazon company. She is presently working from home. She had also prepared for the contest which she took part in and that was along with her office job and work which she was simultaneously doing. Not only her, but the rest of the 70,096 women technologists who had participated has their dreams and hopes on the Geek Goddess code competition and to also see their dreams turning into reality.

Kruti said that she participated in Geek Goddess because she knew that this platform helps participants network effortlessly with peers and this also lets on to be in the radar of top recruiters.

She said that she loves competitive programming and also to take part in it and she is presently focussed on learning the subtle distinctions of her new job. This was the first time that she participated in Geek Goddess and Code Gladiators and in the first time only she bagged herself the Champion award.

For those who don’t know the TechGig Geek Goddess is an annual coding contest for all the women technologists. This competition provides a national platform for the participants to come and participate and also showcase their talents and their programming skills. From the concept and idea that took place in the year 2016, this code competition was conducted and its 2020 edition was taken with a virtual career and the grand finale round was taken on 4th and 5th  December, 2020.

Geek Goddess represents and proves the proverb that ‘alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much.’ This competition is not just a coding contest but it is also a collective rising of the Indian women technologists.

The first edition of Geek Goddess was announced back in the year 2016, and during that time about 15,000 participants registered themselves for this contest. Sanjay Goyal who is the Business head of the TechGig event said that this year it was the sixth edition and the number is more than 4 times than that was few years back, it is with a total of 70,097 registrations.

For the participants of Geek Goddess, the journey in the coding community has just got a trigger and has started. Laisha Wadhwa who was the winner of AI/ML hackathon at the Geek Goddess contest in the year 2019 and she was also a participant in the year 2020. She said that her victory at Geek Goddess had encouraged her to participate in seven other hackathons, and from many of that she even won.

The winners list for this year’s contest is as follows:
Coding champion – Kruti Dharaiya
1st runner up – Gayatri Marathe
2nd runner up – Nikhitha
3rd runner up – Keerthana Selvakumar
4th runner up – Riya Pannu

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