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Know how you can check your skincare routine and how it can work for you?

Good and Great skin is not just about good genes, it always involves care for its needs and concerns. However, and it should be noted that one does not have to take a regular skin care procedure to get healthy skin, it is very important to understand the skin first and then proceed with the right regime.

Vipul Gupta who is the founder of Re’equil said that If your skin care regime is based on real boundaries, considering your skin type, targeted concerns, appropriate ingredients and skin cycle, then it will definitely help you achieve your skin goals. To make it easier, here are some quick tips to know if your skin care regime is working.

  Here’s how to take care of your skin. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

Understand your skin type

She explains that this is an important step, but it is a step towards greater skin care. Before developing a daily routine, it is important to understand what type of skin you have and its concerns. This helps not only to understand the needs and sensitivity of your skin but also to choose the right products.

Also, be aware that not all products will work for you, you may exacerbate and worsen your existing skin condition. That’s why it’s important to understand your skin type and choose products.

Know how you can check your skincare routine and how it can work for you?
Know how you can check your skincare routine and how it can work for you?

Layer or not to layer

When it comes to skin care, it is equally important to know how different products will work together. He also suggested that If they do not have accurate information about skin rashes, then one may reduce or even reduce the effectiveness of certain products. Therefore, it is better to keep it simple by using just one thing at a time, rather than separating it all without knowing it.

Steer clear of misleading claims

Gupta said that In India, there are no official guarantees or guidelines. He also said that there is no way to know which products follow certain rules without being branded, vegan or trade in equity. Therefore he says that before investing in any type of product, take the time to do your research in depth into their ideas, principles and real customer issues.

Instant is rarely long-term

As the test may sound, soon it is rarely a good sign in skin care. Just as it takes time for any damage to your skin, it will take an equal or longer amount, in extreme cases, to heal. Gupta also informed that advanced dermatologists are advising them to set realistic skin targets and wait at least 28 days for a change in order for the  skin cycle to remove dead skin cells and build new ones.

SPF always

This is not a skin care step but important for skin protection. Gupta also added saying that the SPF plays an important role in protecting your skin from any sun or environmental damage, which any of your other combined skin care products will not do. So, he says to never forget to install a wide range of SPF 50 sun protection in your realm.

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