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Kim Jong UN : North Korea to pursue more advanced nuclear technology

Kim Jong UN who is the leader of North Korean leader has called on the country to strengthen its defence capabilities in the United States, such as seeking advanced nuclear technology. This was according to the Korean Central Government Agency which was citing a report that was presented to delegates at the Workers’ Conference that took place in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong quoted and said that the United States has “never” changed its basic approach to North Korea, and that was no matter who is in the power.

He also says that these include the development of small and light nuclear weapons, the continuation of major nuclear warfare, and also the ability to strike and destroy 15,000-mile which is around 9,320 miles at target. According to KCNA, Kim is also planning to build ICBMs for solid fuel and nuclear submarines, and he also wants to strengthen its intelligence-gathering capabilities.

The summit was eagerly awaited to find out how Kim would interact with new US President-elect who is Joe Biden. The North Korean leader, who turned of age 37 on 8th January Friday, has not spoken out in detail about his weapons program since launching a new Asian missile at a October military parade.

Kim was also quoted as saying that relations with South Korea had deteriorated in the past before the Panmunjom Declaration, he said this as the neighbouring countries continued to ignore the demands of the North to suspend the joint military exercises with the US.

Kim issued a stern warning when he opened a speech meeting with aorund 5,000 delegates with party officials, he was saying the previous five-year plan was lacking in purpose and the party would explore some of the new ways in order to move forward.

Kim Jong UN : North Korea to pursue more advanced nuclear technology
Kim Jong UN : North Korea to pursue more advanced nuclear technology

The North Korean economy that was hit by sanctions was further affected last year in 2019 because of the natural disasters and the decision of the Kim to close borders because of the coronavirus. Total domestic production is likely to decline by 8.5% by the year 2020, according to Fitch Solutions’ proposal, leaving it less than when Kim took power back in the year 2011 with a pledge to improve the living standards.

Although Bonhomie Kim showed up in three meetings with outgoing President Donald Trump, the North Korean leader repeatedly rejected Trump’s administration’s call for “complete, guaranteed and irreversible” nuclear disarmament before Pyongyang received any rewards. North Korea may want to adjust its approach during the transition to keep Kim’s chances of gaining an agreement to lift sanctions.

Biden officials have indicated they may be willing to reduce sanctions in order to amend Kim’s measures to suspend, shut down and eliminate his atomic arsenal. Biden said he wanted to “jump in and start” the campaign with US partners and others on denuclearization. Biden’s election as state secretary, Antony Blinken, in a 2017 vision in the New York Times, has backed a negotiated agreement with North Korea to “stop and revive North Korea’s nuclear program, and inspectors will carefully monitor compliance” before full access is reached.

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