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“Khela Hobe”: Farmer Leader Raises Trinamool Poll Slogan In Nandigram

“Khela Hobe”: Farmer Leader Raises Trinamool Poll Slogan In Nandigram, During Trinamool and BJP’s heavy fighting over Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee last week, farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait delivered a speech at a mahapanchayat (public meeting) in Nandigram, Bengal today. He urged the people to not to vote for BJP, where Ms Banerjee will face Suvendu Adhikari, whose departure from the Trinamool Congress last year caused the departure of party leaders.

Rakesh Timat said that for about 110 days, more than five lakh farmers have been living in the Delhi border. Khela hobe (game in), khela. When the Indian government is not afraid of the more than 5 lakh people in the Delhi border who have made the permanent houses. what games the government will play and what will happen in Bengal as the crowd roared in Bengali” Khela Hobe “- a scriptural name made popular by the Trinamool Congress ahead of the Bengal elections.

"Khela Hobe": Farmer Leader Raises Trinamool Poll Slogan In Nandigram
“Khela Hobe”: Farmer Leader Raises Trinamool Poll Slogan In Nandigram

He says that he has the message to the people of Bengal. The central government (led by the BJP) has plundered the country … don’t vote for them (BJP). If they come to you for votes, ask them: when will we do it?

Mr Tikait, who led a massive farmers’ protest against three central agricultural laws at the Delhi-UP border, was welcomed in Kolkata by Trinamool MP Dola Sen earlier today.

Before heading to Nandigram, Mr Tikait – who criticizes the BJP-led central government over farm problems – met with party leaders on Molayata Mayo Road.

Calling it the eagle of the alleged attack on Banerjee, she said she would travel to Bengal to campaign for the BJP. However, he said he was not in Bengal to seek a vote from any party.

Ms Banerjee sustained injuries to her leg, head and chest last week while campaigning in Nandigram after submitting her papers. He told reporters that four unknown people pushed him and locked the car door.

While the Trinamool Congress accused the BJP and the Electoral Commission of being complicit in the matter, the opposition party said it was dangerous and that Ms Banerjee was making a “drama” of sympathetic votes.

The Electoral Commission earlier this week reacted negatively to Trinamool’s allegations that the “attack” took place a day after the removal of a Bengal police chief.

“It seems impractical to respond even to allegations of all that has been done on the orders of a particular political party,” the polls said in response.

The allegations are tantamount to undermining India’s constitution and constitution, a powerful electoral body has said, insisting that the commission “does not support or take over the day-to-day running of any state, including West Bengal”.

Mrs Banerjee was released from hospital on Friday.

On Friday the Electoral Commission announced a report by Bengal’s secretary general on the “unrelated” Nandigram episode.

The report did not mention “five-year-olds”, who allegedly attacked him, an official of the state election office told the media PTI. However, referring to the presence of a large crowd in the area, he added.

The eight-phase Bengal election election will begin on March 27. The count will be on May 2.

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