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Kangana Ranaut says she was an ‘unwanted child’, but now ‘best of the world’ hail her

Actor Kangana Ranaut on Sunday slammed himself in the back after filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri praised him. The two won the National Film Awards earlier this week.

He took to Twitter to congratulate Kanan on his ‘eternal power’ and said he too should win an award for that. He wrote that he thinks that @KanganaTeam should only be rewarded for its endless work, endless work, amazing behind-the-scenes films, during Covid’s most difficult time. Think from Jayalalita who will work for the Air Force … a kind of life for many new players.

Kangana wrote and replied, “I was an unwanted girl, today I work with leading and dedicated filmmakers, artists and professionals. I love my work, not money, not fame. When the whole world looks at me and says ‘only you can do it’ I know I may not be wanted but needed. (red heart). “

Kangana Ranaut says she was an 'unwanted child', but now 'best of the world' hail her
Kangana Ranaut says she was an ‘unwanted child’, but now ‘best of the world’ hail her

Kangana often talks about being an unwanted child, especially after her parents lost a baby boy ten days after his birth. She said at a World Day event. All Women in 2016 when she was born, my parents, especially my mother, could not agree with the fact that they had another baby girl. She also know these stories in detail because every time a visitor visits, or has a meeting, they repeat the story in front of me of how she was an unwanted child.

Earlier this month, she wrote in a series of tweets that her parents do not care about having her, because she is ‘beautiful’ and it will be easier to marry her. “Growing up my grandmother told stories that after my sister was born another girl disappointed everyone but they didn’t have much trouble cos I was so beautiful and getting married wouldn’t be a big burden, they all laughed at anecdotes but it broke my heart all the time.” He added, “There are studies, research, books that support the fact that in the history of the world, the most unusual people who have achieved great / historic achievements are those who have been rejected / despised by communities or families. Hardship has a purpose.”

Kangana has been praising himself on social media this year. He has worked on recurring projects such as Ithalaivi, Dhaakad, now and Tejas. Next, he has a spiritual sequel to Manikarnika, with a political drama portrayed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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