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Kajol says mom Tanuja explained everything to her like an adult…

Kajol will soon appear in Netflix’s first film, Tribanga. Directed by Renuka Shahane, it tells the story of mothers and daughters and their sweet and salty relationships. Kajol pays tribute to the daughter of Odissi’s dancer for the mother of Tanvi Azmi writer. They share a sour relationship that may only be a temptation to die.

However, in real life, Kajol will never rely on a better relationship with his mother, veteran actor Tanuja. Kajol has some wonderful things to say about his mother, who he says always thinks of him as a spiritually mature person, who deserved to know things as they really are.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Kajol revealed how Tanuja will patiently discuss everything with her, including her separation from her husband, the late filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee. Kajol said of her mother that she have never had such a rebellion with my mother.

She had a wonderful relationship with her because she is amazing. Ans she says that everything she has done in her life, all the decisions she has made and that she has explained to her in a way she can understand. Whether it was her divorced parents, whether it would be regarding work or as a working woman. , she had always talked with her,  explained it to her, waited for her to understand, fixed things and also accepted them before she got up from her chair and said ‘talk’.

Kajol says mom Tanuja explained everything to her like an adult…
Kajol says mom Tanuja explained everything to her like an adult…

Tanuja had said in a 2003 interview that she and Shomu met and ‘fell in love’. But ‘what happened later doesn’t matter unless we are no longer together’.

Kajol fears his mother’s style of parenting and wishes to do a good job as he does with his children. “My mother is amazing. I tell her this too. Thank you for raising me. I feel better and older today because of the things she taught me when I was younger. She always talked to me like she wanted me to be a better adult. good, “she said. Kajol is the mother of his daughter Nysa and his son Yug.

Tribhanga is not only unique in Kajol’s life but also in his personality. Tribhanga’s Anuradha does not hesitate to use foul language to make his point. Kajol, whom we have never seen using such colorful words on the screen, assures us that he is very modest in his real life.

She said that to be honest, everyone around her has a colorful language. It’s not something that she hides or can’t do. It’s her decision not to use those words and that she don’t see the need to do it many times and says that this is a strange conversation!

But that doesn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy or that she did not liked it. She said that she was having a lot of fun when she did it but she can’t tell us how much everyone enjoyed on the set. Every time she went out with one of them, people were all giggling. She said that It was a weird set.

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