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Jaishankar : Ladakh stand-off ‘profoundly disturbed’ India-China

India and China have always been at loggerheads over borders but border areas still have a basic peace, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said on Thursday, adding that the violent talks in 2020 show a willingness to disrupt peace.

The Union said that for all the differences and possible conflicts that they have at the border, the key point is that border areas remain peaceful. He also said that the last loss of people on the India-China border before 2020 was very early in 1975. minister speaking at the 13th All India of China Study conference.

Jaishankar said last year’s events in Eastern Ladakh had seriously disrupted relations because they had not only shown disregard for military obligations but also showed a determination to break the peace and calm.

Jaishankar said India-China relations are still at a crossroads today and the decisions that will be made will have serious consequences not only for these two nations but also for the world.

After the 1962 war, India and China only exchanged diplomats in 1976, Jaishankar said, stressing that rebuilding relations with China was difficult and difficult.

The first Prime Minister’s trip to China after the 1954 agreement on Tibet took place in 1988 by then-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Jaishankar said over the past three decades, communication and trade between the two nuclear neighbors had grown steadily in some areas.

Jaishankar : Ladakh stand-off 'profoundly disturbed' India-China
Jaishankar : Ladakh stand-off ‘profoundly disturbed’ India-China

China became one of India’s largest trading partners, an important source of investment, involved in projects and infrastructure development, a major destination for tourism and education, he said.

“Over the years, we have clearly not seen any significant progress towards the same understanding of LAC alignment in the Indian-China border areas. At the same time, construction and construction of border infrastructure, particularly the Chinese side, was under construction,” Jaishankar said.

India, China, and similar resurrections ‘occur differently in human history’

Commenting on the similarities and comparisons between India and China Jaishankar said the emergence of the two countries in modern times “is a unique phenomenon that occurs in human history”.

While the two countries have some similarities, especially in size and history, Jaishankar noted that there are also cultural, political and economic differences.

“They are both in the process of building a modern world from a civilized society. And their similarities in modern times with different speed and intensity are something that has happened in human history,” he said.

Jaishankar said there was a need to invest more deeply in the Chinese study.

“China’s resilience around the world is self-evident, that the region closest to India is making strong studies and has a very strong case,” he added.

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