IT’S NOW OR NEVER : Rajnikanth

Superstar and a great Tollywood actor Rajinikanth will be launching his long-anticipated political party in the month of January, that is five months before the Tamil Nadu elections. By Promising “a wonder and miracle” in the polls, he said that he and his party would help bring “spiritual secular politics” with no caste or religion.

Rajinikanth tweeted saying that they will surely win the assembly polls and will also give honest, transparent, corruption-free, spiritual secular politics without the discrimination of caste, creed or religion. He assured wonder and miracle will definitely happen. He tweeted with hashtags saying “It’s now or never” and “We will change, we will change everything” giving a hope and positive approach to the people.

Later, he told reporters that he is ready to sacrifice even his life for the sake and goodwill of the South people…It is now or never.” Without particularly specifying for whether he would contest the polls or not, he added saying that If he wins, it will be the people’s victory and if he loses it will be their defeat.

Ending years of speculation, Rajinikanth announced about his political jump three days after he met with senior office bearers of his forum – the Rajini Makkal Mandram. He said to the reporters outside his Poes Garden home that the district office bearers expressed their opinions. They have said that they will agree to whatever decision he takes.

Rajinikanth was confused about his political plans because of his health and so he went on social media around October to clarify on reports for the same. A letter was leaked which is believed to be written by him.

The letter seemed to indicate that the actor had been advised by doctors to restrict his movements since his renal transplant and could be even more vulnerable to COVID-19. The doctors advised him that a vaccine was the only solution and they were not sure if his body would even accept it. They said that his immunity may be compromised even if he took a shot of Covid vaccine. Later, Rajni Sir clarified that the letter was not his but the information about his health and the doctor’s advice was true.

This will be the first election since the death of the state’s two most powerful politicians, J Jayalalithaa of the AIADMK and DMK’s MK Karunanidhi and that had left a political vacuum in the state of Tamil Nadu.

His participation in the state election is most likely to impact the ruling AIADMK, which has an alliance with the BJP party.

The BJP is in a desperate need for a face in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth may have fans but has no organisation or cadre that can help him convert his popularity into votes.

Soon after Rajinikanth’s announcement, a BJP spokesperson Narayanan Thirupathi told that Rajinikanth’s views were similar to the BJP’s and that they would appeal him to support them.

Over the years, Rajinikanth has denied political leanings even though he had meetings with top BJP leaders and the statements in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies suggested otherwise.

Last year, days after the government ended the status to Jammu and Kashmir, Rajinikanth compared PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to “Krishna and Arjuna” from the Mahabharata and said that parties must not play politics when it came to the nation’s security.

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