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Israel’s new prime minister unlikely to change stance on Iran nuclear deal

Naphtali Bennett became Israel’s new prime minister on Sunday, replacing his predecessor and former Benjamin Netanyahu ally in a 12-year rule and ending a political crisis in the country that sparked elections two years ago. Top of Bennett’s list as the new prime minister works with the United States on military and intelligence issues, reports The New York Times, adding that using Mossad, the country’s spy, to undermine the nuclear deal with Iran could still set the table.

Iran’s nuclear deal has long been a bone of contention between Israel’s political and military powers. Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, had expressed his displeasure at the first agreement in 2015, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, stating that it did not give Israel enough security that Iran could have a nuclear weapon and did not cover important issues such as Iranian military support in neighboring countries. Before being elected prime minister, Naphtali Bennett had expressed similar sentiments and vowed to stop Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons. “The renewal of the nuclear deal is a mistake,” the New York Times quoted Bennett as saying in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, just before Sunday’s vote.

A native of Judaism, Bennett had long established himself at the right hand of Netanyahu but played the emperor recently in conjunction with groups of nobles and left-wing wings, an unlikely combination of the 73-year-old nation. However, Bennett’s stance on Iran’s nuclear deal is unlikely to be much different from its predecessor, says an Amerian newspaper, adding that a new Israeli prime minister could try to influence other terms of the new treaty, something Netanyahu had refused to do.

Israel's new prime minister unlikely to change stance on Iran nuclear deal
Israel’s new prime minister unlikely to change stance on Iran nuclear deal

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Significantly, the intelligence activities of Mossad, an Israeli spy agency, fighting the Iranian military base for its nuclear ambitions continued even after Joe Biden was elected president of the United States of America and negotiations to join the nuclear deal began. David Barnea, the newly appointed Mossad director, said that Israeli Mossad would respond “with all its might” if Iran continued its nuclear program, saying that the spy agency was well aware of those officials within the Iranian military-linked nuclear program. Israel, under its new Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, wants to reduce the United States’ disagreement over Iran’s nuclear deal, the report added, seeing it as a significant change in US opposition under the Obama administration. By now, Bennett is likely to replace Gilad Ardan, Netanyahu’s long-time partner and current Israeli ambassador to Washington, and his own man, the young man said.

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