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Indie Singer ALR on How Covid-19 Deaths Inspired Him to Write ‘Reminiscing’ About His Own Loss

Mumbai Indie singer A L R better known as Abhilash L R, best known for his 2019 song Under the Sheets, has come out with a new track titled Reminiscing. With preppy music, Recalling A L R’s personal story of dealing with his grandmother’s death.

Commenting on the song in a free wheelchair interview with News18, A L R said, “If you look at the lyrics, they have a very sad voice. But when you hear a song, you will feel it is a very happy song. There’s something melting, a kind of bitter-sweet thing going on here. That was the perfect idea behind the song. I loved my grandmother and lost her somewhere in the year 2018-19, so this song was my way of agreeing that she is in a better place now and that is the way life should have been. So this was my personal process.

But in the year 2020 when Covid happened and that he was hearing about my friends losing their parents or someone they loved and were close to. So that’s when I felt like he had to work on this song because that was my song for me. He also didn’t really want to release it. But when this happened, he thought maybe this was a song that would affect a lot of people. That’s why he took this kind of song and worked and re-worked a few lines here and there. It took them about eight months to put it together.

Indie Singer ALR on How Covid-19 Deaths Inspired Him to Write 'Reminiscing' About His Own Loss
Indie Singer ALR on How Covid-19 Deaths Inspired Him to Write ‘Reminiscing’ About His Own Loss

The L R songwriting process describes it differently, almost like walking down a street. He said that the story you listened to in the song is something he have done all my life. His grandmother lived in Kerala and he lived in Rajasthan. Every year during the summer holidays, we took a trip to Kerala. They had our own habits like that. He also thinks that he is a great storyteller when he write songs. Not only this song, but also my previous song that he released, ‘Under the Sheets,’ also has a love story between two people. He said that If you listen to a song, you will be able to illustrate it. When he talk about my style of writing, it’s always a matter of first and foremost thinking about what lines go with what then imitates and builds. That is the only plan.

Her previous single under Sheets has received much acclaim from indie music circles and has been included in Rolling Stone as one of the top commercials of the month. When asked how the appreciation affected him, he said, “This is like a project I love. I work as a marketing expert all day. I’m not a full-time artist-songwriter. So to me, recognition, while not the most important thing, is something that tells you that you are doing something right and that people will listen to you and love you. Previously I used to do songs and then pass them on to my friends. But now, when I take it out on Spotify and when random people I don’t know hear about it, and when they leave comments like ‘this is so amazing,’ that makes you feel good. So all that is happening right now, whether you are going to watch the news or you are going to look at social media or somewhere, I think there are a lot of negative things going on around me. So my idea was to do my best to spread love and confidence in the world. ”

He also said that success alone has enabled him to work with professional artists and better infrastructure than his next. “If you listen to the quality of the production of this song than the previous one, you will see the difference because this time I was working (with an expert). Keba Jeramiah has played the guitar, having previously starred for AR Rahman in Rockstar and many other films. After releasing the first song, I had the confidence to invest a lot of money in it. It’s a journey when you see recognition coming to you, you restore enthusiasm to it, ”he said.

So what’s in store for this budding artist? “I work for three singles at the same time and one of them is with a friend of mine who I went to college with. I also try to do something in Hindi, because from childhood I used to have Hindi songs, and later the taste of my music changed and changed to English. So it will be a way for me to get back to my roots. But writing in Hindi is not an easy task for me because English comes naturally. I plan to release them within six months to the end of the year. The last wish was to be able to release an album, maybe 10-12 songs because that’s the big time the artist is working. The album is very valuable and takes a lot of effort. That is something that will happen but this year, I will be releasing three songs and one will be in Hindi, ”he signed.

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