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India’s Covid cases Rose to 94.62 lakh center asks identify vaccinator’s pools

India ’s current number of COVID-19 cases rose to 94.62 lakh with 31,118 new cases being reported in a single day yesterday. The death toll rose to 1,37,621 while the while the recoveries surged to 88,89,585.  The rise in the number of cases in a single day went below 35,000 for the third time in November which is a sign of gradual improvement if not substantial.

The current recovery rate stands at 93.94 percent while the mortality rate is 1.45 percent. The COVID-19 tally in India crossed the 20-lakh mark on the 7th of August, 30th on the 23rd of the same month ,40th on the 5th of September and the 90 mark on the 20th of November. Since then it has not yet crossed the 5-lakh margin in the past 3 weeks which is a good sign no doubt.

India’s Covid cases Rose to 94.62 lakh center asks identify vaccinator’s pools
India’s Covid cases Rose to 94.62 lakh center asks identify vaccinator’s pools

With the number of cases – being a good amount the Centre has asked the States to identify a pool of potential vaccinators. It has also requested the States to update the details of these pools on the Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network ( COVIN).

The Health Ministry had sent a letter to the respective States which says that MBBS and BDS doctors, ANMS, Pharmacists, MBBS and BDS interns too can be the potential vaccinators if they are experienced in administering injections. Retired medical personnel can be also be considered for this India ‘s job.

 “You are kindly requested to direct the officials concerned to ensure identification of the mentioned potential vaccinators in the database of healthcare workers being created for upload on Covin software.

Appropriate training of potential vaccinators will be carried out before utilizing them for Covid-19 vaccination drives,” – this is what Vandana Gurnani , who is the additional secretary in the health ministry had to say.

The National Expert Group on vaccine administration for COVID-19 recently reached out to Ficci, CII and other big hospital chains to asking for the estimates on the availability of potential vaccinators. This would in turn help them to carry out their work efficiently.

The Government plans to use the IGOT platform or the Integrated Government Online Training portal to train and build Covid warriors. Since the onset of the pandemic, this portal has issued several new courses which will help people understand the new issues related to healthcare better. This platform will help make new Covid warriors who will work in this pandemic with efficiency.

In this way, the Centre is trying to create a healthy atmosphere where people in every State will get to know about the vaccination process in detail. With the number of cases staying less than 35,000 for the third time in a month, it is expected that with the vaccination being done properly, hopefully we will have a peaceful new year ahead.

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