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Indian minister’s remarks on transgressing LAC ‘unwitting confession’: China

Indian Prime Minister VK Singh’s statement that India has violated the Line of Actual Act (LAC) over China is “an anonymous confession”, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Singh, the minister of transport and highway and former general manager of the four-star Indian Army, was quoted in the Indian media on Sunday as saying that both countries had exceeded their views on the LAC which was not set up often.

“None of you know how many times we have gone through in our opinion. The Chinese media do not cover it, ”Singh was quoted as saying. “Let me assure you, if China exceeds ten times, we should have done it at least 50 times.”

Indian minister’s remarks on transgressing LAC ‘unwitting confession’: China
Indian minister’s remarks on transgressing LAC ‘unwitting confession’: China

China’s Foreign Ministry has been asked to comment on Singh’s statement after the regular session ended Monday.

According to a statement published on the department’s website, party spokesman Wang Wenbin was quick to adhere to it, blaming India for the ongoing LAC border east of Ladakh.

It is the main cause of the conflict, he said.

“This is an unknown confession of Indians. “For a long time, the Indian side has committed repeated offenses in the border area to try to enter China and create conflicts and disputes, which are the cause of conflicts between the China-India border,” Wang added.

“We urge the Indian side to follow the agreements, agreements and agreements reached with China, and to maintain peace and stability in the border region through concrete actions,” he added.

There was no immediate response from Indian officials to Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.

The Indian government has repeatedly said that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops were the first to resent, overcame the LAC and, after that, were unwilling to give up.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava had earlier made clear the Indian government’s position on the issues and the termination process, saying the LAC “should be held in high esteem and considered as the basis for peace and security in border areas”.

Many rounds of ambassadors and envoys were unsuccessful as fighting continued east of Ladakh.

The National Times interviewed the matter late Monday after the publication of a Foreign Minister’s statement, with the headline: “Indian politician admits that India was a real tyrant at the border.”

“Singh sounded like an angry man confessing and bragging about his anger. The speech reveals a struggle and a policy of expansion, which is contrary to the story of the previous Indian – India was against the ‘exploitation’ of China. “

A recent comment from Singh, the GT issue, says, it not only embarrassed India, but also made the US and other western countries, who have been allowing India for a long time, look bad.

“A few days ago, Emily J Horne, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, expressed her concern in Washington about the” Beijing pattern of ongoing efforts to intimidate its neighbors’ in the US government’s first response to China-India border crossings. “

“However Singh was quick to identify himself as the real ‘threat’.”

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