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Indian – American is now in NASA’s Moon Mission team

Four years after today, an Indian – American man with his roots back in Mahbubnagar of Telengana’s district will be walking and keeping his footsteps on Moon.

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration which we all know as NASA has announced this men’s name in the 18 member ‘Aretemis’ team selected for the lunar exploration programme. This boy who will make our Nation proud, his name is Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari.

He would be the third Indian – American in space after Kalpana Chawla when she went in Space in the year 1997 and after Sunita Williams when she went in the year 2006. He was among those chosen from 18,000 applicants in the year 2017 when the NASA announced about the Artemis programme.

One of the NASA Aeronautics said in an announcement about him on twitter saying that Raja Chari will be an initial member of the NASA ‘s Arthemis team who will help direct the way for the next human missions on and around the moon.

Chari’s father who’s name is Srinivas Chari, he’s from Mahbubnagar and he migrated to the US after completing his education in Osmania University which is back in Hyderabad. While he was pursuing his higher studies in US in the 1950s, he got married to a lady named Peggy Egbert. Srinivas Chari realised his own dreams of pursuing higher studies in the US country and worked in a jab he likes for 32 years seemed to have influenced his son – Raja Chari to dream and achieve big. Srinivas passed away on the year 2010.

Chari told that there was focus throughout his childhood on education. He said that education is important to do well to succeed. He was born in the Milwaukee of Wisconsin in the year 1977. He is now of 43yrs and has a wife named Holly and also have three children.

Chari has around 2,000 hours of flight time with the US air force. He is now excited about having been selected to be part of the mission. He also tweeted saying that he is very proud of becoming a small part of the Big mission that will be happening in 2024. Under this Artemis programme, NASA will be landing the first woman and the next man on the moon by the year 2024.

Chari speaking about his life and his journey towards becoming an astronaut said that this was actually not a dream and says that this is actually happening. He said that if he asks his mom, she will definitely has memories of him as a child talking to become an astronaut in future.

He said that he always knew that he wanted to do something related to aviation. He said that he have been blessed to have the support of his family a lot.

Indian – American is now in NASA’s Moon Mission team
Indian – American is now in NASA’s Moon Mission team

He also said that at the same time he thinks that he also started telling himself that it wasn’t really possible because it was just something they’ll get let down from. He joined the astronaut corpse in the year 2017. He received a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical Engineering and also a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics.

He graduated from the US Naval test pilot school and he worked on F-15E upgrades and then the F-35 development programme before joining into the NASA. He was also among the 11 new graduates who successfully completed their two years basic astronaut training in the month of January 2020.

Chari was also awarded the Defence Meritorious Service Medal, the meritorious service medal , the air force achievement medal and many more. US Vice president – Mike Pence announced the 18 names of the members who are selected for the Artemis programme at NASA’s Kennedy Space centre in Florida.

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