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India may start vaccinating people against Covid-19 in January: Harsh Vardhan

Harsh Vardhan, who is the Union Health Minister said that India may start vaccinating the people against Covid-19 from the month of January. Thee government’s first priority for the vaccine has been safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Harsh said that he personally feels that may be in January in any stage or any week, there can be a time when we the people of India can be in a position where we will be giving our out first Covid vaccine shot to the people of India.

He was also asked about India’s vaccination drive which was against coronavirus. The minister said that the vaccines that have been given and are applied for the emergency use authorization are right now being analysed and checked by the regulator.

He also said that India is not less than any country when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine and also about it’s research. Their first priority has been the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. He said that they do not want any comprise on that. The regulators are analysing the vaccines with seriousness.

The minister had also said on 19th December, Saturday that the country’s scientists and health experts have worked on the for the development of an vaccine and in the upcoming next six to seven months India will also have the capacity to treat the people of about 30 crore with the vaccine shots.

Harsh said addressing the 22nd Group of Ministers that the scientists and health experts have worked a lot on the development of a vaccine by genome arranging and the isolation of the coronavirus had developed an indigenous vaccine. In the 6-7 months, they will have the capacity to treat and vaccinate a lot of about 30 crore people.

India may start vaccinating people against Covid-19 in January: Harsh Vardhan
India may start vaccinating people against Covid-19 in January: Harsh Vardhan

Rajesh Bhushan who is the Union Health Secretary said that there are six Covid-19 vaccine candidates in different clinical trial stages in India which includes the Covishield, Covaxin, ZyCoV-D, Sputnik V, NVX-CoV2373 and donating the protein antigen-based vaccine. Besides this, three Covid-19 vaccine candidates are also in the pre-clinical stage. One of which of the coronavirus vaccine candidates is in the pre-development stage. It is being researched by the Aurobindo Pharma.

Bhushan had said that six vaccines are in the clinical trial stage right now. And also there are three vaccines in the pre-clinical stage. Some of the vaccines may get licensed in the coming weeks but they cannot foretell right now at this moment of time because licensing is the domain of the national regulator the Drugs Controller General of India.

He also said that these vaccines are of two to three doses. As advised by the Scientists that even after the vaccination, Covid-19 precautions must be followed.

Referring to the Covaxin, which was being manufactured by the Bharat Biotech International Limited in Hyderabad. It was in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research, he also said that it is in phase 3 trials and is on an inactivated virus platform. He further said that the manufacturers have applied for emergency use authorisation.
Earlier during this month, the United Kingdom became the first country in the world. It was the first one to authorise the use of Pfizer and BioNTech for emergency purposes.

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