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India likely to approve AstraZeneca vaccine by next week

Two sources told on 22nd December, Tuesday that our Nation is almost expected to approve the coronavirus vaccine by Oxford . It will be approved for the emergency use by next week. This was done after its local manufacturer submitted the additional data that were given out by the authorities.

India could be the first country to give the permission for the British drugmaker’s vaccine as the British medicine regulator continues to examine the data which were given from the trials.

India which is the world’s biggest vaccine-making country wants to start treating with vaccines to its citizens by next month. It is also considering the emergency use of the applications for vaccines which was made by the Pfizer Inc and the local company which is Bharat Biotech.

Getting vaccines for the people of the nation which has the world’s second-most populous country with one of the highest infection rates. This will also be a big step in the battle against the fight for this pandemic.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford shot is considered important for lower-income countries and for those countries who have the hot climates. It is because that this vaccine is cheaper as well as it is easier to transport and it can also be stored for long periods at normal fridge temperatures.

The three applications was first reviewed on 9th December by the India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization which is the CDSCO. Also more information was got from the companies including from Serum Institute of India (SII), who are making the AstraZeneca shots.

India likely to approve AstraZeneca vaccine by next week
India likely to approve AstraZeneca vaccine by next week

SII who is the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer, has now provided with all the data’s. A government Health adviser told on 22nd December , Tuesday that the authorities were still waiting for more details to get from the Pfizer. While one of the sources said that the additional information was expected to get from the Bharat Biotech.

Both sources have said that the Indian health officials were direct in contact with their British counterparts and have said that there were strong indications for an approval would come by next week.

The expected approval comes after the data that was received from AstraZeneca’s late-stage trials in the UK and Brazil which got released earlier in this month. It showed that the vaccine had an efficacy of 62% for trial participants who were given two full doses, but it was around 90% for a smaller sub-group of people who were given a half, then a full dose.

The sources said that the Indian regulators are only taking into consideration of the two full-dose method for the vaccine but they are ignoring the fact that it is showing a lower success rate.

One source said that the Serum is ready, they further said that Initially they may get around 50 million to 60 million doses.

V.G. Somani who is the chief of the CDSCO did not immediately respond to the request. On the other hand, Bharat Biotech and Pfizer did not give a comment on it, while the SII did not immediately respond to an email and were seeking for a comment.

India has till now not signed or made any kind of deal with any company for the vaccine supply, but the SII has already stocked more than 50 million doses of the AstraZeneca shot and it has plans to make a total of 400 million doses by the month of July.

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