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Hyderabad’s Hogwarts: India’s only magic school lets its spell linger

Set to open the doors to the new band this month is Hyderabad’s own Hogwarts, although there are no instruments and whistles for the school of magic. Soon, 20 students will enter a corner-packed room at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University here, and leave, after 120 days, a diploma in magic – the only such course offered throughout India.

Starting in 2014, this short course, completed with a syllabus, semester (theory and practical) tests, and a university certificate stamped at the end of it, found holders inside and outside Telangana.

Samula Venu said that they also added saying that after hearing about it, the governments of Rajasthan, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh have also expressed interest in starting similar studies. We hope they will start soon, a well-known fraudster who started the course. His goal: to make magic work in the deepest sense of the word. He also said that apart from Telangana, they have students from these provinces who come here to study magic.

Hyderabad’s Hogwarts: India’s only magic school lets its spell linger
Hyderabad’s Hogwarts: India’s only magic school lets its spell linger

Currently, most courses in magic are limited to online courses or workshops, usually spread for more than 7 to 10 days. Inside too, it is often part of a larger stream of study. “This (magic) is part of a cultural phenomenon taught in a few places,” says author John Zubrzycki, author, Jadoowallahs, Jugglers and Jinns, released in 2018.

But can magic be taught in a classroom? Ram Akhil said that the art of play involves a lot of technology and a lesson like this helps one understand those nuances – like what you do when a bad strategy comes out of the field, he said that one of the first to do the study. But for someone like him from the MSc field (forensic science), it opened his eyes to the many magical tricks he did not know, added the ‘thinking artist’ of more than 1,500 games – in India and abroad – under his belt. His most famous strategy: producing money notes on stage.

The fact that a certificate allows a person to take paid gig, which pays well – most make Rs 1 lakh or more (average Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000) per month – adds to the charm.

“Along with money, a job like this helps one stand out from the crowd,” said Rajkumar Darna, 37, looking for a seat in the next collection. A graduate of MMom, who has a lucrative job in the private sector, Darna says she has always, privately, satisfied the desire to donate a magical hat.

An interview with aspirants waiting in line for their selection interview revealed that many have postgraduate degrees (even careers) that they intend to hold, to do a work of magical art.

Nakul Shenoy said that this (magic) is the second best job and for many it is the only job. There are many ways to make and entertain, be it private groups, community activities, or brun-stars. While this is a break like many other things with Covid, he hope that soon life will go on and that the witches will be able to do what they do best – to do magic, a well-known Indian psychologist based in Bangaluru.

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