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Hina Khan: I Have Given Up On Huge Amounts Of Money

Recently, Hina Khan wrote on social media that she would be completing 12 years in the industry in January. While congratulatory messages started coming in as soon as he posted this, we contacted the actor to talk about his journey. Hina, who became the protagonist of the show, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, talks about how she has changed over the years, when she left the game, the accidents she took and what happened next for her.

Hina Khan says risk is important. She said that Survival in that field is very important, she also said that she believes in taking the initiative of children and this is what I do. I risked, sacrificed a lot of money to be where I am today and I am proud of it. It gives me great confidence that in the future if I want to do something, then I can take that risk. And that she mean if she needs to take that risk. But she is happy with my experience and the journey. She is also waiting for another 15 years now.

Hina feels that the perception of TV actors is changing. Hina said that they are not treated the way we used to be. For eight years, she went to my sets, came home and slept. She didn’t know about fashion trends, she didn’t know what was going on in the outside world.

It was like being born again when she left her plan. she had to start over from the beginning – what she should look like, what she should wear and what she says, she also said adding that but now things have changed, people’s attitudes have changed. Now she is given the same importance as other Bollywood celebs, whether it is about how she dress, her hairstyle or her holidays.

Hina Khan: I Have Given Up On Huge Amounts Of Money
Hina Khan: I Have Given Up On Huge Amounts Of Money

Commenting on her international reputation and her work, Hina says, “I want to win all the international awards, to be honored everywhere for my hard work. I don’t think the character would want anything else and I want to make good content. I am happy and can do all this because of the risks I have taken. I have been very fortunate to be able to prove myself right. God be merciful. “

Hina shares that as an actor, she will never feel satisfied, “but this is just the beginning. She said that she wants to get into films and do a few and get a good response. The kind of work, the kind of projects she have chosen, she is very happy with. She also looks forward to doing more in the future. She said that these 12 years have been very fruitful.

She have received so much love, attention from my fans and best wishes. These years have been a learning experience, whether it was digital film, feature film, TV, presenting shows, red carpet rehearsals, international red carpet travel, award-winning and now internationally acclaimed American film festival where I won Best Actress . She said that the trip was amazing.

Hina began her journey with a program, ‘YRKKH’, and she feels proud to be associated with a show that was one of the longest running TV shows. She said that when you do a job, you never think about what you will do in the long run. She knows that she started with Akshara (her character in this play), and she became bigger than healthy and she is proud of her. She said that she has done it for eight long years and when she thinks about how it works now, it’s very difficult for the actors to continue to do the show for so long.

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