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Have a skill? Collect funds for Covid relief, say creative souls pan India

The epidemic has ignited a civilian campaign to help those with the resources they have. If you have no medical knowledge, no worries! Learn from the creative souls who raise money for Covid’s support by exchanging their skills. To do the least, people from all walks of life – artists, writers, artists – came in to go their own way.

Take, for example, Divya Gupta, a Bengaluru-based photographer, who posted on social media to donate photographs of people and pets, to support charitable organizations working for Covid-19. He was happy with the response, “I have listed a few organizations where people can donate, and I have submitted their testimonials. Whenever someone comes to me with a request, I draw a picture of him or her, and the money he or she gives goes directly to the charity. But I didn’t expect the kind of response I got! Even foreigners have touched me, and some have donated more often! ”

Gupta has 30 photos lined up this week, and upon its completion it plans to restart the program. “I asked for a donation of ₹ 1,500. I know it’s a drop in the ocean right now, but whatever we can do, we have to do it. And this process is beneficial; it allows me to sharpen my handiwork instead of roaming the earth all day, ”added Gupta.

Have a skill? Collect funds for Covid relief, say creative souls pan India
Have a skill? Collect funds for Covid relief, say creative souls pan India

For the  Delhi-based Moulshri Mohan, the one who works in the development sector, their aim hence is to raise funds for the voluntary-led voluntary fundraisers. “I provide an essay review service to applicants for undergraduate and Masters programs abroad, with a view to donating ₹ 2500 or $ 100 or more. A friend of mine has joined me on this program, and also donates time to prepare for the trial, ”explained Mohan, adding,“ So far I have raised about $ 35,000 but I definitely want to increase a lot, and have a bandwidth take a lot of essay reviews. I did notice, however, that people often write articles over the course of the year, so let people know they can donate now and review their articles later. ”

Music lovers can also get their hands on a special collection of unreleased music from some of the leading names of the electronic music community. This will be composed by Arjun Vagale from Goa, a DJ and music producer. He also said that the idea of ​​being united came to me as I felt completely helpless as he looked at the world around him. The only way he can donate his music, is from his art form. So he said that he has made a lot of friends together and in just two days they put this together together with the help of the Hemkunt Foundation. We’ve increased it to about 2, 00,000. He also said that his goal was to get this project out as soon as possible so that they could start making money as soon as possible. All the money donated, helps save lives!

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