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Gujarat Congress didn’t give me any work in local body polls; even opinion not sought: Hardik Patel

The incumbent President of the Congress of Gujarat, Hardik Patel on Sunday criticized the functioning of the state legislature after the party’s disgraceful defeat in the local council elections, saying no job was given in the election and his opinion was not sought and ticket distribution.

However, he also dismissed speculation about leaving Congress in the future and said he would stay in the party and perform any task assigned to him.

In an interview with PTI, Patel also raised questions about the understanding of Gujarat’s party leadership’s leadership and said Congress had failed to fight as an opposition party in the state.

In order to strengthen the party, the supreme command must understand Gujarat, he said.

Patel also argued that legislatures should be kept to a minimum.

Gujarat Congress didn't give me any work in local body polls; even opinion not sought: Hardik Patel
Gujarat Congress didn’t give me any work in local body polls; even opinion not sought: Hardik Patel

Patel’s comments, which was the face of the Patidar riots in 2015, came just days after the BJP defeated all 31 regional panchayats, 74 out of 81 municipalities and again challenged its main rival Congress in 231 panchayats .

The success follows a clean sweep of the BJP in the by-elections in six municipal constituencies in the first round last month. Congress could not even open its account at Surat Municipal Corporation.

Following the collapse of the party, Gujarat Congress president Amit Chavda and opposition leader Paresh Dhanani submitted their resignations from the party leadership.

When asked about the reasons for the party’s defeat, Patel said, “We have lost the trust of the public. The struggle we should have been doing as opposition parties, we have failed in that. The public sees that Congress did not do that.

The Aam Aadmi Party garnered votes in many constituencies. “

“In Surat, people from our organization had only asked for two tickets. The party did not give us that. Just because of these two seats we lost 36 seats there,” he said.

It is noteworthy that in the last general election, Congress won more than 30 seats in the Patid-dominated areas of Surat Satur.

Without naming any leader, Patel said, “I am an active President and I am not involved in the distribution of tickets. I was told that the incumbent president is not involved in that. However, I had many meetings on my own. I was not given any program or work done by


“Preparations for the local council elections have been going on for three months. Even for three months I was not told you had to do this job. Tickets are still distributed in more than 5,000 seats, but not even one seat, I was asked to give my opinion. “he said.

Asked about the resignation of Amit Chavda from the presidency and Paresh Dhanani from the opposition party, Patel said, “If I had been president, I would have taken responsibility. They have resigned, but the responsibility rests with everyone.”

“Now everyone has to work hard,” he added.

Asked if Congress’s top decree had not taken the necessary steps in time, Patel said they should understand Gujarat, and give it its importance.

“We have been out of the state for 30 years. If we do not understand Gujarat, young workers like us will be disappointed. The party is falling apart every day and no one is paying attention,” Patel said.

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