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Govt removes hurdles, enables freedom to map India

Govt removes hurdles, enables freedom to map India. India on Monday released regulations that apply to the acquisition and production of geospatial data and services – including research and mapping – that enable private Indian companies to operate without prior permits.

Closer to the heels of the space department’s space policy that has freed up the availability of remote sensing data, the new map policy is expected to innovate in all sectors. The Department of Science and Technology (DST), which introduced the new guidelines, said this would help achieve India’s vision of confidence and the $ 5 trillion economic goal.

Firms can now acquire, collect, produce, distribute, store, share, distribute and create geospatial data including maps within the Indian subcontinent, including underwater using geospatial technology. But there is a map value – 1m horizontal or planetary accuracy and 3m vertical or vertical – and sensitive and limited areas will be adjusted.

In addition to creating great start-up opportunities with the private sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet: “Indian farmers will also benefit from the use of geospatial data and remote sensing data. The democratic data will enable the emergence of new technologies and platforms that will facilitate the efficient operation of agriculture and related sectors. ”

 Govt removes hurdles, enables freedom to map India
Govt removes hurdles, enables freedom to map India

DST added that in all economic endeavors, including agriculture, finance, construction, mining and local businesses, farmers, small businesses, companies alike must benefit greatly from the use of new technologies based on modern geospatial data technology and map services.

Isro chairman K Sivan, who was also part of the negotiations that led to the move, said in line with the remote vision policy, the Indian private sector would be able to empower and empower India to create better things.

“This takes away all the time and effort that was needed to get access to it. Companies can buy and sell data as long as it exceeds the limit (1m & 3m), which will enable us to analyze it more quickly without hindrance. This will be a case of overuse as more companies will emerge, which will ultimately benefit the people, ”said Awais Ahmed, founder and CEO, Pixxel.

DST said beginners and mapmakers will be trusted to prove themselves and rely on them to show adherence. The DST said that he approaches to the development of new landscapes using the state-of-the-art mapping technology which are being proposed.

The existing government, the government approved, imposed significant restrictions on the mapping industry, requiring companies to seek licenses and follow a complicated process for prior approval and permits. The government said that the compliance with regulatory restrictions has put implementation in India in the unnecessary hands which is hindering the new strategies for India.

While this opens up the sector to Indian private companies, foreign companies and Indian owned or controlled companies are only allowed to obtain licenses from Indian companies to serve Indian customers.

The government said that the access to such geospatial maps / data will only be available through the APIs (application interface) that do not allow data to pass through the license company or from its servers. They also said that the reuse and resell of such map data by the licensee will be prohibited.

As next-generation mapping technology will come into its own, this policy will help Indian inventors to make great strides on the map.

DST said emerging technologies operating such as Digital India, Smart Cities, eCommerce, autonomous drones, delivery, freight forwarding and urban transportation need to excel in mapping with greater depth, refinement and accuracy. “We look forward to India emerging as a map power, creating indigenous maps for the next generation and introducing new technologies to the world,” DST said.

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