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Google advised ‘mental health care’ over racism complaints: Report

Many Google employees have said the company allegedly suggested that they seek counseling or apply for leave when they complained of racial discrimination or sexual harassment at work, media reported.

According to NBC News, Google’s human resources department (HR) has encouraged them to take a mental health vacation, even if their grievances are not related to the concerns.

They also met with workers after their colleagues commented on their skin color or black hair style on Sunday.

Google advised 'mental health care' over racism complaints: Report
Google advised ‘mental health care’ over racism complaints: Report

In all cases, the report also said that the staff members recommend that employees seek medical attention or take medical leave to address their mental health – even if their mental health is not linked to their grievances.

Benjamin Cruz, a former teaching designer at Google’s division, said after the complaint, “My work started out under me, but my team pretended everything was fine. I wanted to get help. When medical time went by it was recommended to me, it seemed automatic.”

The reports said that On the Cruz’s alligations, the Google did not comment yet.

Last month, two Google engineers, including one from India, fired Google for the sudden shooting of Timnit Gebru, technology chief of Google’s Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team.

While engineering director David Baker said Gebru’s dismissal had “extinguished” his desire to work for the company, software engineer Vinesh Kannan announced his resignation because Gebru and April Christina Curley, who employs a variety of people, were “mistreated,”.

Gebru said in December he was fired by email when he expressed doubts about Google’s involvement and differences.

Later that month, Curley made him shoot what happened in September 2020 in public.


Both Gebru and Curley are known for promoting the diversity in the technology industry.

Both were given the same advice: receive psychological counseling or take health care, the report said.

“Going on vacation is normal. I think ten people I knew last year went on mental illness because of the way they were treated,” a former Google employee was quoted as saying.

Google says the company is committed to “supporting employees who raise concerns about occupational management”.

A google spokesman was quoted saying that they have a well-defined plan for how employees can raise concerns and work to be transparent about how we handle grievances. All complaints reported to them are under investigation, and they take strong action against employees who violate our policies.

Even Google employees “white people say they face the same treatment of employees when they talk about the company’s problems of sexual and gender discrimination,” the report said.

From 2014 to 2019, Google increased its employment of Black people to its employees by 2 percent, according to its 2020 report.

In January, a group of Google workers formed the Alphabet Workers Union to deal with issues such as wage arrears, retaliation and disputed government contracts.

The organization now has more than 800 members.

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