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Get Ready For The Latest Guidelines Of New Year 2021

There are some guidelines this time that you must follow. As per the latest pandemic situation, the whole world is going through a crisis. Amidst such a dangerous condition, it is very important to abide by the Government rules. India is also facing a great crisis resulting in a crashed economy. However, the Indian Government is taking all the steps to protect millions of citizens from the novel coronavirus.

Get Ready For The Latest Guidelines Of New Year 2021
Get Ready For The Latest Guidelines Of New Year 2021

Every place in the world is in a celebration mood as the New Year is here. But, this time the celebration will in a different way. Doctors are constantly giving an alert signal to avoid the crowd and over-drinking this year. Moreover, the Government has ordered all the states and union territories to keep the citizens under strict vigilance. In fact, several states have already declared night curfews to cut down the spreading of COVID-19. The arrival of the new strain of the virus in the UK is another main reason for such strict rules. According to the experts, the new variant will cast a 70% more deadly impact on the victims.

The Condition of Mumbai

At present, the highest rate of corona positive cases are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Therefore, the Maharashtra Government is all set to launch a night curfew at the beginning of 2021. This curfew will take place from 1st January to 5th January 2021. The time is 11 pm – 6 am. Moreover, as per the guidelines, the children and elderly people should not be out during New Year’s Eve.

The pubs and restaurants will be open strictly till 11 pm at night. Therefore, this time there will be no whole-night parties. As per the Government rules, no one in Mumbai is supposed to throw a large party on the terraces of boats. Apart from this, everybody should strictly follow all the COVID-19 norms like wearing masks, etc. The whole situation will be under the control of around 35000 personnel of Mumbai Police.

Restriction On The Number Of People

Get Ready For The Latest Guidelines Of New Year 2021
Get Ready For The Latest Guidelines Of New Year 2021

A fresh set of guidelines are being launched by the Bengaluru Police. As per them, only four people will be allowed to enter any public place at a time. There is a complete ban over all types of public events and late-night parties. Therefore, families can only have some pleasant times inside their homes. The police will keep a strict watch on the activities of the city. They will not permit any rushes at the restaurants or clubs. Furthermore, the visitors must enter the hotel through e-tokens only after advanced booking online.

However, to organize some pre-planned parties, there should be prior permission from the local authorities. But the program must take place within the stipulated time-frame of the new guidelines. The farmhouses and beaches will not allow any kind of parties this 31st night.

These guidelines must be very boring and challenging for us to follow. But for safety in the current pandemic, these rules are highly essential. You should be patient and welcome this year in a simple just to lead a happier life in the coming year.

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