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French President Macron tests positive for Covid-19

Emmanuel Macron is the current French President. Reports came out that said that he is tested positive for Covid-19 virus on 17th December, Thursday. The presidency said and informed that he would now self-isolate himself for the next couple of week.

Macron is one of the several world leaders who have got tested positive for Covid-19 virus, including the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the US President Donald Trump who were also contracted by COVID in past.

Macron was tested after he started getting some of the first symptoms and he will will now, in accordance with national regulations, self isolate himself for the next seven days. His office said in a statement that he will continue to work and carry out his other activities even at the time when he is isolated. The office also said that As result of the diagnosis that he will be getting, a trip next week of him which was to Lebanon — where the president had been pressing for far-reaching political changes after the giant Beirut port explosion in the month of August has now been cancelled.

Jean Castex who is the current French Prime Minister will self-isolate himself as well because he has been in contact with Macron during these days.
It said that the prime minister shows no symptoms right now but will he will no longer be going to the French Senate on Thursday to outline about his government’s vaccine strategy in order to combat Covid-19.

French President Macron tests positive for Covid-19
French President Macron tests positive for Covid-19

Brigitte  who is Macron’s wife will also be self-isolating but she also shows no symptoms at present. Richard Ferrand  who is the Parliament speaker is also self-isolating now after his contact with Macron. France earlier this week eased the restrictions that were imposed to battle with the second wave of the coronavirus but infection rates still remain high.

There is still a nationwide overnight curfew that starts from 8 pm in order to halt the spread of the virus while the restaurants and cafes as well as the theatres and cinemas are remain closed.
According to the official figures , Over 59,300 people have died in France because of this deadly coronavirus since the start of the pandemic took place.

Over 17,000 new cases were recorded on 16th December, Wednesday alone has it also generated concern as people shop and travel more intensely because of the Christmas holidays.
Like other European states, France is also keeping its hopes high on a vaccine to help quell the virus and Castex said on Wednesday that the country will receive around 1.16 million Covid-19 vaccine doses by the time this year ends.

Castex said that the start of the vaccine campaign was after the approval that was received from the European Medicines Agency and it was expected to arrive on December 21. He added that It is only at the end of spring that they will open the vaccination programme to the entire population.
Another problem for the French authorities is that according to an opinion poll that came out, only 53 percent of people in that place wants to be vaccinated, and that is amongst the lowest rates in the world.

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