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Former Manchester City defender Terry Phelan names his favourite for the Champions League title

Former Manchester City defender Terry Phelan names his favourite for the Champions League title. For the first time in around ten years, Cristiano Ronaldo along Lionel Messi will be playing in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Both of these players have been at the forefront of the football world over the past decade. Ronaldo has won 4 Champions League titles since 2010 and Messi has 3 But this year, their teams, Juventus and Barcelona,   have been knocked out of Round 16 by Porto and PSG respectively.

In the final issue again, Messi and Ronaldo failed to reach the Champions League summit. They have been in charge of the football world for several years but have not been able to push their teams to the coveted UCL title.

Former Manchester City defender Terry Phelan has spoken of both players and their recent games. Phelan insists that Messi and Ronaldo are still top players and doesn’t think they are finished. Phelan named his favorites in the Champions League while naming Chelsea as the black horses.

Former Manchester City defender Terry Phelan names his favourite for the Champions League title
Former Manchester City defender Terry Phelan names his favourite for the Champions League title

So both Messi and Ronaldo were excluded from the competition. He also thinks that eventually the reigns of Messi and Ronaldo at the top are over

No, because it’s a team game, you know the teams allowed to be beaten and it’s a combined game. You have to have unity in there. Everyone is looking for, well, whether Messi is finished. I don’t think Messi is finished, he’s still a good player. I don’t think Ronaldo was eliminated at all. He looks at what he does in Serie A. Look at the number of goals he has scored in the Champions League, the number of goals he has scored in his place. So I don’t think they’re done. I just think sometimes it’s not just your night. And that night, in addition to two legs, the team you play with is the best, the best to win the game. I think they have a few more years for them now.

Real Madrid beat Atalanta to return to the quarterfinals of the Champions League

Last year, they talked a lot about Lionel Messi and his future with Barcelona. What do you believe? What do you think, will you eventually leave Barcelona or do you think you will stay?

I think he will stay now with the new presidents who will come in. Obviously, he knows Messi well. And he can just try to build that little group around Messi. No, I do not see the Messiah going. Maybe there are only two clubs you can buy for him, PSG and Manchester City. I don’t think anyone can really go out and pay hidden wages, especially in the current climate.

Who do you think are your favorite topics this year?

Looking at PSG, Bayern Munich, Manchester City or Real Madrid, you know you may have seen them pass. I think in the current form, Munich or Manchester City would be the best of all people.

Talking about Manchester City was in good form in the home league and in the Champions League. Do you think this is the season when they will be finally getting that coveted title?

I don’t think it’s about Manchester City. I think it’s about one man and that’s Pep Guardiola. You know, they were 25 points ahead of Liverpool, who were champions last year. It just shows the progress that Manchester City has made. They spend a lot of money to get there, you know, without conceding too many goals. If you want to win the Champions League, you have to beat the best teams and the best players in Europe. And that’s what Manchester City have to do if they win this tournament.

Speaking of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has changed Chelsea’s results since taking over as coach. What about him? Do you think they have a chance in the Champions League this year?

Let’s not take anything away from what the Frank Lampard did. When he was sacked, Chelsea had four points from fourth place. In this way, he used 200 million children for new players, but then the new players had to settle down. He did wonders with Chelsea last year when he was on the verge of a transfer. He has played many young boys. I think what Frank did was his biggest mistake that he called all the new players at the same time and instead of going slow. Bringing them in maybe one by one. I think that was his downfall. And knowing full well that he gives someone 30, 50 million, people expect him to be 25 points ahead of the EPL, beating teams everywhere. It is not yet good for him. Apparently, he was fired and Thomas came in. He is very knowledgeable, he knows what he wants. And I think Chelsea now have a lot of power, they steal a lot, especially at home. He has all of these well-designed defensive parts, and he has three top-level attacking players. You know what it’s about. He reached the final last year with PSG, so he knows what it’s all about. I think Chelsea could be one of the outsiders in this league. No one is interested in Chelsea right now. no one thinks they will choose a topic.

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