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Fashion: Decoding the monochromatic look

“You can never go wrong with a monochromatic look,” said designer Shantanu Mehra of Shantanu & Nikhil as we approached her to get her views on the practice. Fashion designer Nachiket Barve said that the monochrome palette is one family of colors and that while wearing a monotone is about wearing the same color from head to toe.

For Madhu Jain, the first image to emerge from his memory of the practice is that of Queen Elizabeth II. From royal papers to baby pink, avocado green, fuchsia or sun yellow we see adorned, you certainly show a statement of confidence and beauty.

“Monochrome is an old-fashioned theme and has been around for a long time now,” said award-winning designer Rahul Mishra. He also says that the key is to play with different tones and colors and balance them in the best possible way.

Monochromes can be made in an exciting style by playing with drawings, says designer Falguni Peacock. She also explains saying that the drawings look great in appearance and give a look and size.

Fashion: Decoding the monochromatic look
Fashion: Decoding the monochromatic look

Payal Jain adds saying that but monochromatic ensembles can also work well by comparison and by focusing on one piece of clothing or accessory.

Here’s how you can put one together for use with your new home.

Kill in the top monochromes to the top

While playing with a variety of hues and shades within the color is one way to avoid looking like a skittle, another good idea would be to break the monotony with a matching color as this not only enhances the overall color, but also gives the eye!

Wear it: “A great picnic, or lunch with your BFFs,” suggests the style of celebrity Rishi Raj.

Reach it with: He said that a scarf or also a long cape jacket for a day-to-night event, then also add some piercings in the form of large earrings or a bangle stack.

Rishi warns to avoid scarf if your neck is short

Layer to enhance monochromatic appearance

A cool way to enhance the monochromatic look by adding layers and accessories like a jacket and cap with matching shades. Also, wear silhouettes that reflect your skin in the right places to add sparkle to one outfit.

Wear it: “Shopping with friends. This look works great for visiting the night market while traveling, too, ”said Rishi Raj.

Access it with: “Flats or sneakers,” suggesting and adding that one can make a modern boho by adding a soft bandana drape or a regular, soft jacket.

He warns that If you like a lot of things, as this look works best on a boy’s body by creating depth with the details of the symbols and drapes, which do not irritate the cool body.

Make an impact with a monochrome suit

The simplicity of monochrome suits is best kept clean and not overlooked. So, wear it with light contrasting colors and keep accessories simple. The suit will be perfect on its own, if the focus stays on its monochrome nature.

Wear it: “Meeting for the day. It can be worn all day and is worn with jewelry and other accessories in the evening. It certainly offers great variety of clothing and freedom, ”said stockbroker Payal Jain.

Reach out to her by saying: “A scarf, pearls, a nice bag and heels are all you need,” she suggests.

Avoid: “Severe collisions and inconsistencies in accessories or elements as this just doesn’t work,” advises Payal.

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