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Farmer digs up a fortune !

Farmer named Lakhan Yadav’s digged up and found a fortune which is the stuff that Panna’s diamond legends are made of. From a common living farmer, he has now turned into a millionaire. He can now call himself one of the millionaires.

Lakhan Yadav a farmer is a 45year old man. He found his fortune this Diwali. He had took a 10×10 patch of land on rent last month. He gave a rent of Rs. 200 for that month. The pebble or stone that he dug up was nothing but a 14.98 carat diamond. It was then auctioned for Rs 60.6 lakh.

The farmer said that this incident has changed his life. He said that he will never forget this moment when he found out something different rather than the stones and pebbles which he used to get. It showed when he rubbed the dust off it. The struggle he used to do by farming to help him meet the ends and to look for his family. After finding something he never got before he decided to takeit to the district diamond officer. Later it was found that it was a diamond.

Someone amongst the common people had captured that moment. Yadav was found to be in a cowboy hat and a gamccha around his shoulders, looked every bit the prospector from the Wild West. At that time he did not look even a bit that he would turn out to be a would-be millionaire.

Farmer digs up a fortune !
Lakhan Yadav

He was asked how he felt to be a millionaire. Yadav giggled a little and said that he will not go for anything big. He said that he is not an educated person and that he’ll put the money in a fixed deposit to ensure that his four kids get good education.

He is one of those people from Panna National Park when the villages were taken off. He has 2 hectares of land in his name which he had bought through the compensation money that he got, he also owns two buffaloes, and now recently after he found the diamond he also got himself a motorcycle that he bought with the first Rs 1 lakh that he had got while he deposited the diamond to the district administration.

He said that he bought the motorcycle because his nephews insisted and forced him. He said that he was happy with my bicycle. He said that he plans to go to digging the patch of shallow mine. He hopes that he’ll get another diamond. He will work on it for a few more months until the lease gets renewed.

This Diwali has been a real fortune and lucky for prospectors living in Panna. Four men who were all from lower income group fortunately dug up a diamond each in a span of 10 days. These diamonds and a few others were worth over Rs 1.5 crore — were auctioned in Panna in a three-day event.

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