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Farm protests: Indo-Canadians get ‘threat calls’ for supporting India’s stance

Farm protests: Indo-Canadians get ‘threat calls’ for supporting India’s stance. From the Greater Toronto Area to the Metro Vancouver and Calgary and across Canada, members of the Indo-Canada community are being targeted with threatening phone calls including threats of sexual violence against family members. Their case? Asking for a valid reason for the ongoing farmers’ protests in India and for opposing the involvement of the Chaldeans in the organization.

Among the victims are two people living in Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. Mohan, who did not want to be named because of fears for his safety, said he received about 70 threatening calls in one week, after commenting in a post on Facebook. “These abuses, intimidating, are full of religious hatred. Including threats to my family, they say, ‘We know your address’. They are as dirty as I can get. ”

Farm protests: Indo-Canadians get ‘threat calls’ for supporting India’s stance
Farm protests: Indo-Canadians get ‘threat calls’ for supporting India’s stance

Another person who commented on that phone call was Jay, who also did not want his full name or details to be revealed. He shared a recording of one of the many calls he had received, during which time, the unknown driver described himself as a “hero” and threatened to rape Jay’s wife and daughters. Jay has lodged a complaint with the local authorities, and Mohan is still awaiting his complaint. “They harassed me, saying,” We have seen your house. ‘This is unbearable. I told the police to take action and show them something, ”Jay told the Hindustan Times.

A Peel Police spokesperson, who is in charge of the district where Jay and Mohan live, confirmed that complaints had been lodged and that they would investigate the matter.

The fear is so great that no one HT spoke to wants their full names or other details disclosed. One of the victims said that part of the growing case of Hinduphobia lies with the local Punjabi-speaking media for making hot remarks. Most of these threats started after events in New Delhi on Republic Day, when a tractor meeting led to violence in the capital.

This situation is not limited to GTA. Vinay, a resident of Calgary, Alberta, suffered a major setback. You have received about 100 calls a day in the last ten days. Not only that, the perpetrators arrived at his residence the next morning and threw eggs and tomatoes at him, and someone drove home, rang the bell, and asked where Vinay was. A hate crime complaint has also been lodged against the local police.

These are not independent cases but are part of a larger pattern. The Hindustan Times received similar reports from Edmonton (also in Alberta), and Vancouver (British Columbia). A Metro Vancouver resident, who did not want to be named, said, “Those who support India are being shown the way.” Mona, who works in the Indo-Canada community in Calgary, said the 90-year-old astronomer was verbally abused because of her ideas and since she was in India at the time, she was too scared to return to Canada so far.

While police are investigating the complaints, there is no evidence that the calls were actually from Sikhs or pro-Khalistan, but concerns have arisen within large Indo-Canadian communities, who are concerned about the burning zeal due to farmers’ protests over three anti-government laws. They believe the issue has been hijacked by Calvinist supporters in Canada and the peace of leaders have warned that such developments have fueled a number of threats.

Azad Kaushik, president of the National Alliance of Indo-Canadians, stated that “there has been concern in Indo-Canada society. Indo-Canadian law-abiding citizens are skeptical of the current situation in their country of adoption. ”

In fact, he said, comments similar to those made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the protests, point to “extraordinary support” for the issue, which indicates serious disagreements in Canada.

In fact, the situation is perhaps the worst since the 1980s, with pro-Christian groups taking advantage of differences of opinion over protests, targeting large Indo-Canadian communities, especially Hindus.

Shuvaloy Majumdar, chief of Ottawa-based psychiatric team at the MacDonald-Laurier Institute, wrote on Twitter: “I am even more concerned about the bloodshed against India. Especially in the case of Hindus, most of whom are very supportive of supporting mass, progress and peace. In another tweet, he said, “Canadian families are facing death threats and violence against their families and businesses. Indian lawyers need RCMP security. Extremists associated with dirty stars paint followers of faith with a single brush. Innocent cases try to close the debate. ”

In 1985, when Canadian leadership ignored a growing storm, Khalistanis planned and detonated the bombing of 182 Air India aircraft, Kananka, on June 23, which claimed the lives of 329 people and is still the worst terrorist act in Canadian history.

As Mohan said, “I was not here at the time but I think this is worse than in 1980. Hinduphobics now have political asylum. Our safety is at stake. ”

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