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Elderly should follow these health practices in 2021

COVID-19 has changed our view of healthy lifestyles and the health. From treatment to disease as it comes and goes, many are now focused on the mental and physical well-being of the whole. According to research, while Indians seems to be more susceptible to the virus, the causes of illness  lead to the complications, and can sometimes be also fatal. Therefore, it is very important for adults to look at life as a whole, says Jagadish Ramamoorthy who is the founder and director of Alserv.

Below, he lists five ways in which adults can achieve good health by 2021:

Choose foods that are made for you

As the body ages, energy needs and nutrients make drastic changes. Unfortunately, adults do not always adjust their eating habits, which leads to more nutritious foods. In India, 50 percent of the elderly suffer from malnutrition, while 90 percent consume less than the recommended diet.

Come 2021, adults will need to follow a customized diet plan that fulfills all their strengths and nutritional needs while also strengthening their immune system in the fight against disease to keep them healthy. For adults who live alone or can’t cook, there are old services throughout the city that bring home-cooked, nutritious and personalized food. Subscribing to one is a great way to ensure nutritious food.

Get a full body test

Regular medical checkups should be the norm for adults by 2021. During the epidemic, many elders were reluctant to visit doctors’ offices or hospitals to diagnose minor ailments or pain.

Depending on the situation, adults should increase their frequency of medical examinations. Home-based medical examinations and online medical consultations are a safe way to visit a hospital or clinic – something adults can take advantage of to avoid appointments. It is recommended that anyone over the age of 60 have their health checked monthly, and have a full body test each quarter.

Promote digital literacy

The new standard will be a digital world dominated by internet communication. Adults will need to do online, order, and track e-commerce purchases or daily needs. They will also have to pay their state bills with their smartphones.

It is important for every elder to learn how to use digital space. Some adults may find it difficult to navigate the digital world. In such cases, having a caregiver or service that offers a single touch zone will make life easier.

Elderly should follow these health practices in 2021
Elderly should follow these health practices in 2021

Be a netizen

Studies show that 1 in 3 adults struggles with loneliness, depression, and other mental health problems. Regular social interaction with friends and family is the best way to combat it. However, restrictions on travel and social gatherings are likely to continue next year.

By 2021, adults will need to learn how to use video communication media apps to stay connected with their loved ones. They can also join online clubs, groups, or communities to engage with like-minded people.

Spit on a funny bone

Laughter can add years to one’s life, reducing the effect of stress on the heart; especially at a time like this. According to medical experts, common sense uncertainties can have long-term consequences for adults if they do not have a way to stay happy.

In the new norm, adults should turn to humorous television or stand-up comics. Reading comics, sharing memes, or engaging in funny social media posts are also great ways to get around with laughter.

The ideal solution for the “New Decade”

The fight against COVID is not over. Although the vaccine may not seem far-fetched, caution is in order. Adults should focus on increasing the immune system and taking life seriously. However, it is encouraging to see how the elders adjust to the routine. They found a sea of   opportunities during the dynamics of Zoom, online cultural programs and more. The practice needs to continue.

The great Mahatma once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” It is the way a person lives today that will determine their future. Therefore, in 2021 the best decision for the new year is for everyone at the top to take, and keep it, to stay healthy. With a strong resolution, a transition towards a healthier and more satisfying life will take place physically.

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