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Eco-friendly holidays travel: Safe, serene and sustainable

Eco-friendly holidays travel: Safe, serene and sustainable. From relaxing the pristine beaches to exploring various wildlife, we are constantly on the lookout for a suitable vacation spot. But the epidemic gave us more time to stop and rethink our journey. Not surprisingly, the ever-present desire to plan a quick weekend escape is now being replaced by sensible travel options, with a focus on meaningful experiences and reducing carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly holidays travel: Safe, serene and sustainable
Eco-friendly holidays travel: Safe, serene and sustainable

Highlighting the importance of nature vacations, tourism writer Shivya Nath states, “The way we choose to travel can have a profound effect on the places we visit, good or bad – in the places we visit, the people who live there and the local environment. Proper navigation means contributing to the local economy and having a positive impact on the environment. ”

Echoing the same thoughts, Kumar Anubhav, founder, NotOnMaps, which controls different travel experiences, believes that one needs to change thinking first. He also shared that the People have come to realize that they are living a healthy lifestyle and the need to promote the ecosystem but it all starts with getting started and doing what they choose to do. He said that the idea is to eat what they need and leave it to others.

Experts from the tourism industry share ideas for switching to friendly travel.

Plan better, stay longer

Nath also said that Instead of trying to cover a lot of places, slow down for a few days, weeks or months in one place and check it out, maybe even if they work and that this can reduce their traffic and allow them to contribute to the local economy.

Eco-friendly sleeping options

Amit Damani, founder, Vista Rooms, emphasizes the importance of embracing friendly living spaces. “One of our visitors to Nainital has many eco-friendly features such as solar water heaters, rainwater harvesting, a gray water filter and a sustainable renewable sewage management system,” he said. Nath, too, recommends a kind place to stay. “For example, areas that are jointly owned by the local community, use renewable energy to increase energy, diversify, fertilize their waste, should be preferred,” he shares.

Eat locally

Tourism blogger and author, Shubham Mansingka highlights the importance of food in restaurants using local ingredients and new products. “I can’t advise people to eat in Dhabhas with the current epidemic but I urge travelers to eat the region’s produce as [locals] are encouraged to cultivate more,” said Mansingka, who found a local seller at Kasar Devi in   the Almora region of Uttarakhand selling homemade momos. with madua atta, a regional staple of a high-protein, nutritious cereal.

Buy sensible reminders

Instead of bringing back refrigerator trips on your trip, donate meaningful gifts and reminders. Mansingka says that one should buy local handicrafts to support the community and that in the hill country of Kumaon, local women make baskets of pine needles

Eco-conscious functions

In an environmentally friendly holiday, they are only involved in activities that do not adversely affect the environment of the region. Experts recommend choosing low-level activities such as cycling or kayaking, meeting wildlife and ethics and assisting local businesses.

No plastic policy

Some environmentally friendly alternatives are important not only for travelers but also for the hospitality industry. Aditi Balbir, founder and CEO of V Resorts, says, “Good travel habits are changing. Hotels switch to non-plastic policy. Now there are other ways to replace a plastic garbage bag. A good way to tie in with local entrepreneurs, sustainable retailers and startups that make organic and bath products, among others. ”

Your own management is important

Anamika Sengupta, co-founder, Almitra Sustainables, a sustainable lifestyle, points out that one should not leave traces in one’s travels. “Most of the time we visit peaceful places but what we leave behind are our plastic and garbage feet. We urbans can’t think of a trip without buying plastic bottles and all sorts of dumps. Cut-outs, tiffin boxes, water bottles, should be a mandatory check before the trip. ”

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