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Durjoy Datta: Criticism used to bother me but now I don’t have energy for anger

From publication at the age of 21 to being one of India’s most famous young writers in modern youth romance, the work of author Durjoy Datta has been a very exciting event. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection, and the author says, “Criticism used to bother me a lot before, but now I’m older and I don’t have the strength to do so. Unless criticism also comes from the realm of love and I love other parts of the book / books, I don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t add anything to my life. On the other hand, if it comes from a big fan who finds the places I’ve disturbed, I welcome you. ”

Datta’s new book, A Touch of Eternity, is another love story – a love story set in the dystopian future and sees the idea of   rebirth taking its toll – and he finished writing it during the closure.

Durjoy Datta: Criticism has bothered me but now I don’t have the strength to be angry

He said that he does  not believe in reincarnation, adding to that he also said that but he often believe in the existence of a soul. Another way is to believe that we are emotional pieces and that our existence exists until our heart pumps blood. the logical conclusion about the soul that exists is that it is cleansed and purified of its past life and reused. That is where the idea came from.

Durjoy Datta: Criticism used to bother me but now I don’t have energy for anger
Durjoy Datta: Criticism used to bother me but now I don’t have energy for anger

With subtle references to modern India, the book has many controversies between science and religion. Did that make sense? “I did not want to get into a debate between science and religion but the concept was so close that there was no way out. I didn’t want to confront them. I believe they complement each other …, ”he explains, adding,“ I have left it to the students to take sides. ”

As a well-known author of romance novels, Datta’s books have seen love, as titles, change over the years. “The concept of love is constantly evolving. I’m still thinking. For me, it fits, but it was not always the same. ”

“My books also photograph some of them. While my first letters were about this first run of the first meeting, the joy of a new person, now we are different; there is talk of less heat, ”says the author.

The breakup of the publishing industry seems easier now than ever before, and many writers in India today come from similar technological backgrounds. Say this to him and Datta says that everyone from the tech world was made to choose his career back from when he was 15 … he said that some of them had to grow up and see that even though we did well in the entrance exams, but ultimately not their cup of tea.

Does the author now have any advice for any 21-year-old author who hopes to make it bigger? “I was certainly not polished as a writer. I would also say don’t try to be published on the 21st. I can’t bear to read my first few books … Just focus on finishing the books. Don’t rush to publish, ”he said.

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