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Dual degree from Indian, foreign institutes soon

Indian students will now be able to obtain two degrees offered by Indian and international higher education institutions, separately and simultaneously. Students will also benefit from the transfer of credit and joint degrees offered under academic cooperation between Indian and foreign higher education institutions.

The University Grants Commission has finalized draft rules for these programs, which will be announced soon.

According to the UGC framework (Academic Partnerships between Indian and Foreign Higher Education Institutions to offer Integrated Degree, Dual Programs and Photocopying Programs), 2021, “any degree or diploma awarded based on this partnership” will be equal to any degree or corresponding diploma awarded is an Indian higher education institution; there will be no need for equality in any power ”.

In accordance with the regulations, Indian higher education institutions may co-operate with their foreign counterparts in debt management and transfer and the preparation of graduation papers.

The regulations will not apply to online learning programs and grades

However, the regulations will not apply to programs offered in online and open mode and grade classes.

In accordance with the newly established regulations, any Indian accredited National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a score of 3.01 or 100 marks in the University’s National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) or Institution of Eminence may co-operate with any foreign institution in the The top-500 of Times Higher Education or QS World University are automatically advanced. Other Indian institutions and any foreign institution approved by the testing and accreditation agency in their home country will have to seek the approval of the UGC.

The partnership will allow for four types of educational partnerships, including credit recognition and transfer, a joint degree program, a two-degree program and twin arrangements.


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Under the twin arrangement, when a student enrolled in an Indian institution may offer their part-time study at a foreign higher education institution, the degree or diploma awarded will be awarded only by an Indian higher education institution. Combined degrees will be a single certificate with the letters and the logo of both affiliate institutions.

The regulations stated that no franchise arrangement would be allowed under this partnership. “The franchise system, whether excessive or implicit, under any name used, between a foreign higher education institution and an Indian higher education institution shall not be permitted under these Rules,” the framework said.

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