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Dr Scott Atlas Who Was Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Adviser Resigns

Dr Scott Atlas who was US President Donald Trump’s controversial special adviser on the coronavirus, resigns. He has thanked Mr. Trump for serving the American people.

Scott said that Trump has always relied on the latest science. He has also said that he has also relied evidence without any political consideration or influence.  He has truly praised Trump in his statement.

Makes and other measures have been used to control the pandemic. Dr Scott has questioned this usage.  He had been in this role for four months.

Dr Scott Atlas who was Triumphs chief adviser regarding the coronavirus resigns. He was one of the most controversial people in the task force. His 130-day tenure was about to expire this week also had regular clashes with other members who were present in the coronavirus task force.

Dr Scott Atlas Who Was Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Adviser Resigns
Dr Scott Atlas Who Was Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Adviser Resigns

In these four months he has been in the thick of controversy. He even tweeted “people rise up “in response to the new restrictions that had been imposed in Michigan. This is the most recent controversy in which he has got himself involved.

Scott has been a radiologist and senior fellow at Stanford University’s conservative institution. He had joined the task force in August. Apart from questioning the use of masks he was also against lockdowns.  He supported herd immunity as a useful measure to control the pandemic.

Public health officials including the top infectious disease expert Anthony Faucet had accused Scott by telling that he was giving wrong information about the virus to Trump.

After Dr Scott Atlas resignation Faucet said that the current situation in the US is worse than the time the outbreak began. He said, “The slope of our curve is very steep so that every day it seems we almost break a new record,”.  As of Sunday, the total number of cases in the US surpassed four million which is double the figure in October itself.

According to Fox News, Dr Scott Atlas had joined the force on a 130-day contract which was to expire this week only.

In his resignation letter Scott said , “always focused on minimizing all the harms from both the pandemic and the structural policies themselves, especially to the working class and poor” .He also said that , ” Indeed, I cannot think of a time where safeguarding science and the scientific debate is more urgent.”

The Academics at Stanford University told that this thing was long overdue. This also underscores the triumph of science they said. The new US President Joe Biden has taken a completely opposite stance by stating that makes are important.

This pandemic has been one of the major causes for Trump’s defeat in this year’s elections. Seeing that his contract is about to expire this week he has resigned from his post few days earlier.

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