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Dishes From Konkan Belt Truly Make You Hungry

India is a diversified country so do the Dishes.  It is amalgamation of various cultures and habits. Each has its own significance and uniqueness.  There are differences in the cultures of the small towns and cities which are located within a particular State itself.  While the BENGALIS IN Kolkata like to have their Ulchi and Alur Dum on Sundays, a Rogan josh (mutton or chicken) is the go-to dish for a person residing in Kashmir.  Visitors do enjoy this variety a lot.

Dishes From Konkan Belt Truly Make You Hungry
Dishes From Konkan Belt Truly Make You Hungry

Varanasi is famous for its Pehelwani Lassi, Rabri, Kachouri and Jaleba (which is a bigger form of the Jalebi). The food habits and signature dishes define the tastes and preferences of the people living there.

Some prefer spicy food while others love to have food which is a bit sweet.

The Konkan Belt too has a lip-smacking food list. The variety of the dishes will leave everyone astonished. Being along the coast line the dishes with fish are a must have here. Seafood is really good along the coastal areas. The Konkan region is a rugged section on the Western Coastline of India.

It comprises the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Many of beaches along the Konkan Coast are yet to become famous tourist spots.  Hence, they are naturally beautiful till date.

There many dishes to look out for when one visits the Konkan Coast: –

In the seafood section things like prawns, crabs, other fish, coconut and local spices are some of the signature items.  The vegetarian section is equally very good.

Sol Khadi is popular spicy drink which is made from coconut milk and kokum. Due to its digestive properties usually, people have this drink after a meal. Like all other dishes this too has some variations which can be found while travelling along the Konkan Coast.

Goon Sarpotal is a tangy, spicy Indian pork curry. It has been influenced by the Portuguese. This is a favorite dish in the catholic households of Goa. The meat is cooked with red chilies, vinegar and spices. It tastes even better after three to four days of coking.

Dishes From Konkan Belt Truly Make You Hungry
Dishes From Konkan Belt Truly Make You Hungry

Patholi is pancake type rice dish which is prepared during the festivals which take place during the monsoon season. It is filled with desiccated coconut and is steamed in tamarind or banana leaves.  It is topped with ghee.

Konkani Fish Curry is a crunchy dish made with mackerel or pomfret fish. The spices which are used to make this dish are red chilies, cloves, coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin seeds, garlic, fennel seeds and lemon juice.

‘Bharli Vangi ‘is a traditional Maharashtrian dish which means stuffed eggplant. A mixture of sesame, dry coconut and groundnuts forms the stuffing of this dish.

Kadamb is the Konkani version of steamed idle. It is prepared by using cucumber, rice, jaggery and coconut. It is a favorite dish to have for breakfast there.

Konkani Kurle Ambat is a very mildly spiced crab curry. The crabs are cooked in a paste of roasted spices and freshly ground coconut.

With all this finger-licking dishes, the Konkan Coast is truly a must visit place for foodies.

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